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Air Filter Type Wet and Dry

Wet and Dry Filter or Filter Drip (Trickle Filter) can be said is one of the forms of improvisation from the biological filter “conventional”. In the biological filter “conventional”, the filter media in a state submerged in water. While the filter drops, a portion of the filter media deliberately exposed to the open air, thus creating the filter in a “dry” (dry). “Creation” atmosphere “dry” is intended to increase the effectiveness of the performance of bacterial decomposition of ammonia.

In such an atmosphere, the bacteria contact with oxygen, the better. Besides, this condition will meciptakan the thin layer of water that will envelop the filter media, as a result of contact between the water with bacteria become better anyway, so the water will be processed biologically better anyway.
Figure 11. Filter drops

The above picture shows a rough diagram of a filter drops. This filter consists of two main parts, namely the part located above the water (dry) and the part that is in the water. The above dry media there is a “sprayer” that will split water into water droplets (droplets). These droplets should be divided evenly on the entire surface of the media. Water will then be spread on the media by gravity, experiencing biological process, then fell to the wet filtration.

In part this wet bacteria that live with lower oxygen levels would take over the work previously bacteria. Water is then entered into the pump chamber and returned to the aquarium.

Media can be used in the dry parts of the biological filter media in general. Nevertheless bioball to function properly, because this material is made for this type of filter. Media on the wet parts are also the usual biological filter media. Some hobbyists anyone leave this section blank without any media, nevertheless try to do a test by comparing the results with and without the media filter is wet section.

Spayer can only be made by punching holes in a sheet of plastic or other rigid material anti-rust with a certain density so as to create a uniform distribution of holes across the surface. Water entering this section, we suggest a prefilter ari who have experienced a previous mechanical filtration. Thus, it can prevent the blockage of the biological filter media.

By understanding the working principle of this filter, you can just memodikasi sketches mentioned above, tailored to the needs.