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Biological Filter For Water Quality

Biological filter needs to be cleaned periodically, especially to remove particles that may cause clogging. Cleaning should be done with caution not to make the bacteria that live there die. Cleaning can be done by rinsing with clean water free of chlorine. Cleaning can also be done in stages, with the left most other media remain tertanggu.

 This will ensure the survival of the bacteria remain there. Colonies of bacteria that live in the media were not disturbed soon be invaded media newly cleaned, of course, during the “feed” and the oxygen available to the bacteria.

Figure 3. Materials media for attachment of bacterial decomposition.

The basic principle of making the filter is in-turn turning water flow up and down in order to “force” the dirty water from the aquarium to penetrate / pass filter media in order to get the value of effectiveness to be achieved. Installation of filters on should not permanently attach to the tank, in order to facilitate the lifting and cleaning the filter compartment without having to lower the tank. Here are the types of filters:

filter Canister
Filter Canister is one form of beberapat type filter improvised version of “old”, such as under-gravel filter and a filter on. The main principle of this filter is to provide an equal opportunity for the water through the filter media as a whole, that is by forcing the water to “penetrate” media filter. This is done by making the system airtight, so as to create a pressure which “uniform” in the filter, something that can not be done in an open system that is directly related to the atmosphere.

In this way the water will be “forced” to penetrate the media so that contact with the media for the better. The pressure causes the condition of contact between the water with the media be guaranteed, so that the filtration be relatively good, and contacts can last a relatively long time. Therefore canister filtration system more rarely require routine maintenance. Filtration can keep going well for several months before requiring maintenance.
Figure 4. Filter Canister

The picture above shows approximately diagram of a filter canister. Water enters through the bottom of the filter. Then, after a “break through” the media, the water is returned to akarium malalui a pump at the “head” of this filter. The pressure in the filter entirely the responsibility of the pump. If the selection of appropriate media and the pump capacity, the system can function well for long periods before requiring maintenance. Treatment is usually required if the filter output began to decrease from the needed capacity.

Under Gravel Filter
As the name implies filter “under gravel” is a filter which is located below a layer of “gravel” (gravel, sand) at the bottom of the aquarium. Its construction consists of a layer of anti-rust material (plastic) perforated with bearing feet so as to create free space underneath to allow water to flow (Figure 5). In one of its corners (or more) are piping the output to return the water into the aquarium filtration results.


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