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Effect of Water Against Bentos

How to determine the water quality based Benthos in these waters one of them is with a qualitative approach where we look at the types than Benthos that live in the water itself. The types of benthic waters based on the degree of damage put forward by Mulyanto (1995) as follows: a) waters clean is Planaria, Perla, Isoperia, Leuctra, Nemoura, ...

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Gravity Water

Density of water at different places and times will be different. This difference, although very small, but very important influence on the organism in air.Pengaruh density of the living organisms in the water is the ability of the water to float organisms and other objects. Density is influenced by: 1. Pressure (pressure). 2. Levels of dissolved salts in the water. ...

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Watershed Management

According Sugandhy (1999) in Anna S., 2001, when linked to spatial planning, the allocation of space in order to maintain and fulfill the presence of water, water catchment area, the security area of surface water sources, springs securing the area, then at least 30% of area should be sought cover their tree stands can be protected forests, production forests or ...

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Utilization of Water Flow and Movement

The presence of this water movement, resulting in turnover (circulation) heat, solutes and water bodies. This gives rise to the movement of the water flow is not fixed (turbulence) and the speed of the water mass. Motion turbulence becomes large so-called “current system” consisting of: a) The current system is not periodic. The current system is the water flow in ...

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Age Factor Seaweed Seeds

Age seaweed seedlings reflects the level of productivity of seaweed to grow and evolve, including the ability to optimize the process of photosynthesis. Seaweed seedlings obtained from breeding centers should aged 20-25 days to provide maximum growth. Seaweed seedlings were too young to need a period of adaptation in advance and still relatively vulnerable to changes in water quality. Whereas ...

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Seaweed Growth Rate Calculation

The growth of seaweed categorized in somatic growth and physiological growth. Somatic growth is growth as measured by weight gain, long thallus while the physiological growth seen by reproduction and koloidnya content. The growth rate is calculated according to the weight gain of the seeds planted and expressed as a percent per day. Growth rates necessary to forecast production at ...

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