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Nekton Organisms

While the notion of nekton marine animals are nektonik scattered epipelagik zone on the open sea. Nekton is a nautical marine organisms that are beneficial for humans, especially for the improvement of the nutritional and economic improvement. Piles of carcasses nekton is the basic ingredient for the formation of sea minerals such as gas and oil after a lengthy process ...

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Oxygen Levels and Solubility

Decreased levels of oxygen. Basically the process of reduction of oxygen in the water caused by the process of chemistry, physics and biology, namely:  The process of breathing (respiration) either by animals or plants.  The process of decomposition (decomposition) of organic material.  Basic waters are reducing. The basis of these waters can only be covered by only ...

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Attach a low-frequency wave and in general the intensity of the smaller of the two times a day. This tidal movement caused by gravity from celestial bodies to the mass of water on earth. This movement is also influenced by the rotation of the earth itself as well as the layout of the island and the continent. Therefore, the high ...

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Organisms Perifiton

Perifiton term is defined as a set of organisms (micro-sized) attached or settle on a substrate. While on the German-language literature, the term is used to replace the term Aufwuchs perifiton because it has a broader meaning. Aufwuchs is a group of organisms that attach or menentap on a substrate, including a group of animal or vegetable organism that moves ...

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Biological Indicators of River Pollution

Biological indicators of river pollution must meet the following criteria: 1) Easily identifiable 2) Easy to be sampled, which means the operator does not need special assistance, as well as expensive equipment and can be done quantitatively. 3) Have a cosmopolitan distribution. 4) The abundance of a species can be used to analyze the diversity index. 5) Has the economic ...

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Maintenance Seaweed

Seaweeds are marine organisms that have specific environmental requirements in order to live and grow well. The more appropriate environmental conditions the waters of the better growth and the better the results obtained. Seaweed will grow better than a certain depth which still gets good sunlight intensity, because sunlight is an important factor for the growth of seaweed. At a ...

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