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Salinity Factor Seaweed

Salinity is the amount (grams) of substances soluble kilogram of sea water which is considered all carbonates have been converted to oxide, bromine, and the ions replaced by Clor and all organic material has been oxidized completely. Salinity waters for marine organisms is an important environmental factor. Each marine organisms have different tolerance to salinity for survival. Beveridre (1987) in ...

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Infection Plant Cultivation

Cultivated plants will be faster infected when there are a lot of scars because it will be the entrance for pathogenic bacteria. Bacterial infections that cause disease in thallus ice ice can occur in several ways which infected the wound cuts (cuttings for seed), wounds caused by fish bites, injuries from seeds bond too tightly and enter through the pores ...

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The Depth Factor Seaweed

The average depth of the water required for the growth of seaweed depending on the amount of sunlight intensity. According Soegianto and Sulistijo (1985) in Syahputra (2005), the depth of which is ideal for the growth of seaweed in the Thousand Islands with basic methods in the 0.3 to 0.6 m at its lowest ebb. Such circumstances can prevent drought ...

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Container Definitions

Containers can be divided in outline into two kinds depending on their use, namely the outer container or container transport and container for the consumer or sales container. The main purpose of container transport is as a place and also to protect its contents during transportation from factory to consumer. The function of the container for the consumer or the ...

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Process of Tidal

The moon revolves around the earth once every 24 hours 51 minutes, if other factors are ignored then a location on the earth will experience twice tide and low tide twice a day known as pairs of double (semi-diurnal tides), where each cycle highs downs will shift backwards for 51 minutes every day. Because the trajectory moon around the earth ...

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Factors Sunlight Seaweed

Sunlight needed by the seaweed to the process of photosynthesis, where the result is CO2 fixation. Besides ultraviolet also needed for growth itself. The ability of light to penetrate the waters will decrease with increasing with depth. This zone is called the photic zone. Changes in the intensity and quality of light that penetrates the water with increasing depth illustrates ...

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