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How Death Fish

Fish that struggled in the face lethal, decompose faster than the fish that die quietly and quickly, because phase of rigor mortis occurs prematurely. In fish that spend a lot of energy due to hit the net / rod, then the change in glucose asetyl take place quickly so that the reaction occurring anaerobic resulting in the formation of lactic ...

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Definition of Cropping

Salting is a method used to preserve the product of fishery by using salt (NaCl). In the process of salting, preservation is done by reducing the water content in the body of fish and in the body of bacteria so that bacteria can not live and grow again. The term salting is also often called marinating. The salting technology is ...

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Salted Fish Products

Salting techniques are common techniques combined with other preservation processes, such as draining or boiling. From this salting process is known three kinds of salted fish, namely: a. salted salted fish (not dried after salting process) b. dried salted fish (dried after salting process) c. salted boiled fish (pindang fish, boiled after salting process). Our society is very familiar with ...

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Dried Foreign Fish

The salty fish that consumers demand is salted fish that color and texture is good enough. It will be difficult to achieve if the salting method used is not appropriate, the raw materials are processed less quality, and how to store bad products. This is what causes some salted fish producers to take a shortcut by using formalin on salting ...

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The Salting Process

a) Method of dry salting · The amount of salt required varies according to the size of the fish. For large fish the amount of salt required is 20% – 30%. As for medium-sized fish the amount of salt required is 15% – 20%. For small fish the amount of salt required is only about 5%. · Salt is sown ...

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Method of Salt

The speed of salt absorption process in fish body is influenced by several factors, namely: a. Freshness of the fish The process of absorption of salt into the fish body will quickly if the fish in fresh condition. b. Fat content Fish that have a high fat content will inhibit the process of salt absorption, because fat will prevent the ...

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