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Physical Parameter Water Quality

Aquatic environment as a place to live or live media aquatic organisms is one of the most important aspects to consider in doing aquaculture. This is because the quality of the waters of a container cultivation largely determines the life of aquatic organisms cultivated, both from the aspect of water resources which are used as parameters of physics, chemistry and ...

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Seaweed Management

To ensure kebehasilan seaweed farming it must be done rigorously maintained during the growth period, not only to plants themselves but also cultivation facilities were used. Therefore the role of the manager (cultivators) seaweed is necessary to minimize the possibility of damage khsusunya unpredictable forces of nature. In the maintenance of seaweed there are some problems that are often faced ...

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Bacterial Diseases Seaweed

Another bacterial disease is also caused by Macrocystis pyrifera and Micrococcus generally absorb the cultivation of Laminaria. In addition to ice-ice disease, seaweed can also bacterial and fungal disease. Diseases caused by a fungus that attacks the Hydra thalassiiae air bubbles seaweed Sargassum sp. Disease “ice-ice” (some people call it a white spot) is a major constraint Eucheuma seaweed cultivation, ...

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Artificial Seaweed Cultivation

In the seaweed cultivation is done dibak concrete or maintenance is covered as spray cultivation techniques that have been developed in Indonesia is relatively easier maintenance as well as planting more controlled area is not too large it easier in everyday care. Care required for maintenance covered inter alia the control channel or water circulation and continuous observation of water ...

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Effect of Temperature on Quality of Water

The intensity and quality of light that goes into the water and are absorbed produces heat. From the point of ecological, thermal energy and its relationship with the things that happen in the water, is a very important factor in maintaining water as a living environment for animals and plants. Temperature is an important physical factor everywhere in the world. ...

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Brightness Indicator Water

Brightness is a physical parameter that is closely related to the process of photosynthesis in an aquatic ecosystem. Brightness describes a number or a portion of the light that is transmitted at a certain depth represented by percent. This light is the light of several wavelengths in the visible spektrumcahayayang danjatuh tegakluruspada surface layer of water at certain depths. Demonstrated ...

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