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Fraction Sand and Dust

Sand fraction dominated by mineral quartz (SiO2) which is highly resistant to weathering processes, while the fraction of the dust is usually derived from mineral feldspar and mica are quickly obsolete, and at the time of weathering would release a number of nutrients, so textured soil dust are generally more fertile than soils sand. From this description shows that the ...

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Factors and Soil Formation Process

There are several questions that arise for everyone to learn about the land, that the land was formed from what? or factors that influence the formation of soil and what is the process. Some of the natural factors indicate that the land is part of the earth’s crust that undergo physical and chemical weathering processes in a very long time. ...

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Land Component

Soil is a complex system that is composed of four components, namely minerals, organic matter, air and water. Mineralized material contained in a variety of shapes and sizes, consisting of fragments of rocks, minerals and various compounds result of weathering of rocks. The organic material consists of the remains of plants, animals and micro and macro bodies that live in ...

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Role of Land Agricultural Sector

Note from Figure 1.1! This image is a dry soil conditions, arid, no plants can grow, as a result of the influence of erosion. Yet we know that in human land to plant crops to meet both the needs of food, clothing and housing. In other words it can be said that the land is a natural resource that is ...

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Types of Soil Structure

Based on the results of soil investigation in the field, the soil structure is described by:  Types, according to the shape and arrangement ped, consisting of a round, plate, beams and prisms.  Class is an indicator of the shape of the structure formed ped-ped constituent, produces 7 types of soil structure.  Level that indicates the degree of ...

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Soil Texture

The soil texture is one of the physical properties of soil sifta a very big influence on the growth of plants and other soil properties. Overall the physical properties of the soil is determined by:  The size and composition of the particles making up ground the result of weathering material;  The type and ratio of the composition of ...

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