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Soil Biological Function

Biological soil serves as a habitat for organisms that participate actively in the provision of nutrient and growth boosters substances (additives) for plants, which are integrated capable of sustaining the productivity of the land to produce biomass and production of food crops, medicines, industrial estates, forestry and so on other. As a growing medium, the soil has four main functions, ...

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Suspended Solids and Total Dissolved

Total suspended solids or Total Suspended Solid (TSS) is suspended materials and dissolved in water, these materials filtered on Millipore filter paper with a pore size of 0.45 lm. While total dissolved solids are dissolved materials that are not filtered by Millipore filter paper with a pore size of 0.45 lm. TSS measurement is done by gravimetric consisting of screening ...

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The Level of Development Land Structure

Based on the level of development or stability of the structure of the soil, the soil structure can be divided into several levels, namely: Weak ie if a grain of soil structure can be seen, remains damaged and destroyed when taken from the soil profile to be checked. Being that if the soil structure has a grain structure that is ...

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Types of Soil Structure

Based on the results of soil investigation in the field, the soil structure is described by:  Types, according to the shape and arrangement ped, consisting of a round, plate, beams and prisms.  Class is an indicator of the shape of the structure formed ped-ped constituent, produces 7 types of soil structure.  Level that indicates the degree of ...

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Time Sampling Water

For water quality monitoring, sampling time interval is set on a different day and time, so it can be differences in the quality of water every day and every hour. For example, if the first sampling is done on Monday at 06.00, then the sampling is then performed on Tuesday at 07.00, etc. Frequency of sampling The frequency of sampling ...

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Based Soil Texture Volume

Determination of soil texture by using the volume percent can be simpler than the method hydrometer. The principle of determination based on the percent of this volume is based on the speed of precipitation. Wherein the fraction of the rough or the sand will settle early (1 minutes before turning it) and then followed by the fraction of the dust ...

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