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Brightness Indicator Water

Brightness is a physical parameter that is closely related to the process of photosynthesis in an aquatic ecosystem. Brightness describes a number or a portion of the light that is transmitted at a certain depth represented by percent. This light is the light of several wavelengths in the visible spektrumcahayayang danjatuh tegakluruspada surface layer of water at certain depths. Demonstrated ...

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Growth Factor Type Seaweed

Internal factors are factors that affect the growth of seaweed in the body itself. Internal factors that affect the growth of seaweed include: Type Type of seaweed that has been widely cultivated in brackish waters is Gracilaria sp. Gracilaria also have some kind of nice to be cultivated among others Gracilaria verucosa, Gracilaria eucheumoides, and Gracilaria folifera. But these three ...

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Artificial Seaweed Cultivation

In the seaweed cultivation is done dibak concrete or maintenance is covered as spray cultivation techniques that have been developed in Indonesia is relatively easier maintenance as well as planting more controlled area is not too large it easier in everyday care. Care required for maintenance covered inter alia the control channel or water circulation and continuous observation of water ...

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Infection Plant Cultivation

Cultivated plants will be faster infected when there are a lot of scars because it will be the entrance for pathogenic bacteria. Bacterial infections that cause disease in thallus ice ice can occur in several ways which infected the wound cuts (cuttings for seed), wounds caused by fish bites, injuries from seeds bond too tightly and enter through the pores ...

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Natural Salinity Waters

Salinity who do not comply can thwart breeding and hamper growth. Mussels, clams and oysters blood are the types of shellfish that live in estuaries. Variations of natural salinity estuaries in Indonesia ranged between 15-32%. Results of research on mussels indicates that the salinity of 15% of the shellfish can cause death. The success of shellfish seed blood to stick ...

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Parameter Turbidity Water Color

Turbidity is a picture of the optical properties of water by the presence of suspended solids, especially materials and little affected by the color of the water. This suspended material in the form of particles of clay, silt, colloids soil and aquatic organisms (microorganisms). TSS is not only harmful to fish but also cause water unproductive for blocking sunlight for ...

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