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Bacteria Attack On Fish Farming

A. Pasteurella piscicida Pasteurella piscicida is a short rod-shaped bacteria, measuring 0.6-1.2 x 0.8 to 2.6 μm, are gram-negative, do not move, do not make the capsule or spore and are facultative anaerobes. These bacteria can live in seawater environment with a temperature range for growth is 10-39 ° C. Generally isolated from fish can grow well at 25 o ...

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Effect Of Water Alkalinity On Cultivation

To maintain the pH of the water to remain stable at around 6.8 it is necessary a chemical process that is expressed in alkalinity. Alkalinity is the ability estab-bufffer late of bicarbonate ions, carbonate and hydroxide ions in water. The third ion in the water will react with the hydrogen ions so as to reduce acidity or pH increase. Alkalinity ...

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Ion Exchange Chemical Filter

Ion exchange is a process in which ions adsorbed on a surface of the filter media exchanged with other ions that are in the water. This process is made possible through a phenomenon of attraction between the surface of the media charged with polar molecules. When a charged molecule touching a surface that has the opposite charge of the molecule ...

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Shrimp Virus Diseases

A. HPV virus disease (Hepatopancreatic parvovirus) and MBV (Monodon Baculovirus) In the year 1988-1990 is a disease highly lethal to tiger prawn shrimp that can cause slow growth. Organs are attacked is hepatopancreas. On a serious attack, hepatopancreas will look pale, shrunken and compact. B. Viral disease YHD (Yellow Head Disease) Symptoms of this disease include: a) The head is ...

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Effect Of Soil Structure

Soil structure is very influential in the field of agriculture. Soil as a growing medium for plants be decisive how the harvest will be obtained. If the structure is too stable it would be hard to penetrate the roots, otherwise if the stability of the structure is too weak then the availability of nutrients and water will be slightly because ...

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Filter Ultra Violet (UV Sterilizer)

Ultra violet filter is a device used to remove or filter out microorganisms that are not required of the aquarium, such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses, algae and other pathogens, by exposing them to high intensity Ultra Violet rays. Ultra violet rays have the ability to affect the function of cells of living creatures by altering the cell nucleus material, ...

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