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Biological Indicators of River Pollution

Biological indicators of river pollution must meet the following criteria: 1) Easily identifiable 2) Easy to be sampled, which means the operator does not need special assistance, as well as expensive equipment and can be done quantitatively. 3) Have a cosmopolitan distribution. 4) The abundance of a species can be used to analyze the diversity index. 5) Has the economic ...

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Gravity Water

Density of water at different places and times will be different. This difference, although very small, but very important influence on the organism in air.Pengaruh density of the living organisms in the water is the ability of the water to float organisms and other objects. Density is influenced by: 1. Pressure (pressure). 2. Levels of dissolved salts in the water. ...

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Watershed Management

According Sugandhy (1999) in Anna S., 2001, when linked to spatial planning, the allocation of space in order to maintain and fulfill the presence of water, water catchment area, the security area of surface water sources, springs securing the area, then at least 30% of area should be sought cover their tree stands can be protected forests, production forests or ...

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Utilization of Water Flow and Movement

The presence of this water movement, resulting in turnover (circulation) heat, solutes and water bodies. This gives rise to the movement of the water flow is not fixed (turbulence) and the speed of the water mass. Motion turbulence becomes large so-called “current system” consisting of: a) The current system is not periodic. The current system is the water flow in ...

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Oxygen Levels and Solubility

Decreased levels of oxygen. Basically the process of reduction of oxygen in the water caused by the process of chemistry, physics and biology, namely:  The process of breathing (respiration) either by animals or plants.  The process of decomposition (decomposition) of organic material.  Basic waters are reducing. The basis of these waters can only be covered by only ...

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Attach a low-frequency wave and in general the intensity of the smaller of the two times a day. This tidal movement caused by gravity from celestial bodies to the mass of water on earth. This movement is also influenced by the rotation of the earth itself as well as the layout of the island and the continent. Therefore, the high ...

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