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Physical Parameters Air

1) The color of the water In determining the true color, suspended materials that can cause turbidity separated beforehand. Filtration (filtration) aims to eliminate the material suspended in the water without compromising the authenticity of the color of the water. Centrifugation prevent interaction with the color filter material. True colors are not affected by turbidity. Water color can be used ...

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Sample Handling Techniques

After sampling, water samples should be analyzed immediately. If forced to be stored, any water quality parameters require specific treatment to the sample. In addition to treatment with chemicals, preservation of the most common is the cooling at a temperature of 4 ° C during transportation and storage. At this temperature, bekteri activity is inhibited. Samples were delayed measurement and ...

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Materials Air Quality Measurement

Some water quality parameters can be observed directly while doing sampling in the field, it was easy to have many supplies water quality digital and portable that can be brought directly to the field, even today already, and kits analysis of water quality so that it can simplify water quality measurement. Observations and measurements of water quality on the ground ...

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Fraction Sand and Dust

Sand fraction dominated by mineral quartz (SiO2) which is highly resistant to weathering processes, while the fraction of the dust is usually derived from mineral feldspar and mica are quickly obsolete, and at the time of weathering would release a number of nutrients, so textured soil dust are generally more fertile than soils sand. From this description shows that the ...

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Factors and Soil Formation Process

There are several questions that arise for everyone to learn about the land, that the land was formed from what? or factors that influence the formation of soil and what is the process. Some of the natural factors indicate that the land is part of the earth’s crust that undergo physical and chemical weathering processes in a very long time. ...

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Land Component

Soil is a complex system that is composed of four components, namely minerals, organic matter, air and water. Mineralized material contained in a variety of shapes and sizes, consisting of fragments of rocks, minerals and various compounds result of weathering of rocks. The organic material consists of the remains of plants, animals and micro and macro bodies that live in ...

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