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Filter Ultra Violet (UV Sterilizer)

Ultra violet filter is a device used to remove or filter out microorganisms that are not required of the aquarium, such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses, algae and other pathogens, by exposing them to high intensity Ultra Violet rays. Ultra violet rays have the ability to affect the function of cells of living creatures by altering the cell nucleus material, ...

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Biological Filter For Water Quality

Biological filter needs to be cleaned periodically, especially to remove particles that may cause clogging. Cleaning should be done with caution not to make the bacteria that live there die. Cleaning can be done by rinsing with clean water free of chlorine. Cleaning can also be done in stages, with the left most other media remain tertanggu.  This will ensure ...

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Hama In Fish

Hama is a predator organism farmed fish. Hama by animal groups, distinguished as follows: 1) From the mammals among others: Linsang, otter, weasel and others. 2) From the class of reptiles, among others: water snake, iguana, etc. 3) From the class of birds, among others: Stork, Swallow and others 4) From the class of amphibians, among others: Frogs 5) From ...

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Clinical Infection On Shrimp

The virus can also be found in the hemolymph of shrimp that showed clinical symptoms, it is suspected WSSV spread through the circulatory system (Momoyama et al., 1995). Clinical symptoms of infection with WSSV in shrimp body with symptoms of redness can be seen in Figure 6. IHHNV classified in a double-standed DNA and a virus that attacks the smallest ...

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Toxic Ingredients In Fish

Toxicity in fish can affect the freshness of the fish. Fish are known to contain toxins generally denied consumers although it still has a high fitness level. Mackerel with a degree of freshness that has somewhat decreased more acceptable to consumers than the bloated fish that are still alive, because people are more familiar with pufferfish as poisonous fish. Based ...

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Aquaculture Environmental Management

Successful management of fish health is highly dependent on location factors, smoking area, farming systems and monitoring fish health. Diseases caused by viruses, the use of chemicals or antibiotics are not recommended. Some of the actions that should be done is: 1) Prevent the spread of the virus through the carrier mainly fish sick and means of transportation. 2) Restricting ...

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