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Factors Substance Causes Water Color

In the provision of drinking water, the color strongly associated with aesthetics. The color of the water can be used as the appropriate type of processing instructions. Based on the cause substances, water color can be distinguished: a) True Color (true color) True colors due to the organic substances in the form of colloids. This color will not change even ...

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Watershed Strategy

Natural resources are an important asset in driving development in an area, so that the management of natural resources becomes a strategic issue to be decided in a fair, transparent and sustainable. Accordance with the spirit contained in Law No. 32 of 2004 on Regional Government, the watershed management strategies that cut across the region are: 1) Build agreement and ...

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Hama Micro Seaweed

Pests and diseases can cause damage to the seaweed, this is because the pest seaweed is seaweed grazer so consumed by pests that exist in the location of cultivation. There is also a pest seaweed that are attached to the thallus kelp, this causes seaweed thallus can not receive nutrients and oxygen available in the water to the optimum because ...

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Measurement of Erosion and Sedimentation

Equipment used in the measurement of sediment transport (sediment transport) is based on the standard United States. Geological Survey (USGS), the equipment has been developed by the Federal Inter-Agency Project sedimentation (FIASP). Gauge / sampling sediments that have been standardized by FIASP, has a specific code that can be interpreted as follows:  US: gauge / sediment sampling with standard ...

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At The Bacteria Attack Seaweed

Bacteria which can be isolated from the seaweed with ice-ice symptoms include Pseudomonas spp., Pseudoalteromonas gracilis, and Vibrio spp. Agarase (arginase) of bacteria is one of the virulence factors that contribute to infection ice-ice (Yuan, 1990). Predisposing factors or other triggers may also cause ice-ice. Predisposing it include pests such as fish rabbitfish (Siganus spp.), Green turtle (Chelonia midas), sea ...

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Water Temperature Ideal For Water Organisms

The ideal water temperature for aquatic organisms are cultured should happen is not striking the temperature difference between day and night (no more than 5 ° C). On the stagnant waters which have a minimum water depth of 1.5 meters will usually happen coating (stratification) temperature. This happens because the coating surface temperatures higher than the temperature of the water ...

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