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Factors and Soil Formation Process

There are several questions that arise for everyone to learn about the land, that the land was formed from what? or factors that influence the formation of soil and what is the process. Some of the natural factors indicate that the land is part of the earth’s crust that undergo physical and chemical weathering processes in a very long time. The processes of physics and chemistry which vary from site to site, revealing the environmental conditions of land diverse, such as the state of the geomorphology of the area as well as the geological conditions that are part of the lithosphere above the water surface.

Differences in the position of the earth to the sun directly affect soil properties produced. Based on the location of the earth to the sun, the earth is divided into four climatic zones, namely, tropical, sub-tropical, and polar cold. All four climate zones will have different effects on the process of soil formation. Although the land part of the earth’s crust, but the process and the dynamics of the formation only take place on the top that gets outside influences such as radiation, air and water, a condition that allows the continuation of life take place.

Land For The Living Organisms
Living organisms, including human beings on the earth’s surface is highly dependent on the soil, which is a natural resource that is very important. Land is the main medium in which people can get food, clothing and housing, mining materials and carrying out various activities. Similarly, farmland, farmland was good, fertile and able to meet human needs is determined by the extent to which human beings can understand the land to its properties, and give attention to the land through land management activities.

Soil is generally defined as the body’s natural (natural body) are formed and evolve as a result of working forces of nature (natural forces) against natural materials (natural materials) surface of the earth. Soil as a natural body, with the effect of natural forces that work, will experience the process of development and differentiation to form soil layers (horizons) both mineral and organic properties that vary, depending on the material or materials that make it up.

Based on the above there are several things to note are: 

  • Soil is formed and evolved from natural processes.
  • The big difference in the soil profile to form a layer of soil.
  • Striking differences between the properties of the parent material of the soil layer is formed, particularly in terms of the chemical, physical and biological.

Soil as a plant growing medium is defined as a layer of the earth’s surface that physically serves as a growth and development of plant roots, upright plant growth and nutrient needs supplies, water and air. When viewed from the chemical properties, the soil serves as a warehouse and a supply of nutrients or plant nutrients in the form of organic compounds, inorganic simple and essential elements such as N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, B, CI, and others.