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Fill Type Dam

Dams urugan (fill type dam) can be divided into:
1) Dam homogeneous
A dam urugan classified in homogeneous type, if the material that forms the body of the dam consists of ground that is almost similar and the gradation (the composition of the grain size) is almost uniform. Keseluruhannyaberfungsi dam body is double, namely as building blocks as well as retaining water seepage.

2) Dam zonal
Urugan dams classified in tyjpe zonal, when the dam embankment that formed body composed of rock with gradations (grain size composition) of different coating in certain sequences. In this type as a buffer dam mainly charged to the heap that pass water (zone pass water), while retaining seepage charged to a heap of water-resistant (zone waterproof).

Based on the location and position of its water impermeable zone, then
Type this still can be divided into 3 (three), namely: Dams zonal sequence with water-resistant curtains or “dam curtain” (front core fill dam type), is the dam zonal zone that forms a watertight hick slope of the dam.

Urugan zonal dam with a watertight core slanted or “sloping core dam” (inclined- corefill type dam), is the dam zonal that its water impermeable zone is located within the dam body and domiciled tilted toward downstream. Urugan zonal dam with a watertight core upright or “core dam upright” (central-core fill dam type), is the dam zonal airmya impermeable zone is located in the body of the dam with a vertical position. The core is usually located in the middle of the dam body.

3) Dams bulkhead
Urugan dams classified in type bulkhead (facing) when on a slope hick dam body is coated with insulation not sklus water (with high kekedapan) such as stainless steel sheet, asphalt concrete, reinforced concrete slabs, plastic overlays, the arrangement of concrete blocks, etc. other. Dam concrete (concrete dam) is a dam created by the construction of concrete with the bone or not.

There are 4 types of concrete dam:
1) based on the weight of concrete dam itself (concrete gravity dam) is a concrete dam is planned to hold the load and the force acting on it is based only on its own weight.
2) concrete dam with a buffer (concrete buttress dam) is a concrete dam that has a buffer to channel the forces bekeIja him. Many used when the river is very wide and good geology.
3) Dams legkung or arc-shaped concrete (concrete arch dam) is a concrete dam is planned to channel the forces acting on it through the base of the cliff (abutment) left and kana dam.
4) The concrete dam combination (combination of concrete dam or mixed-type concrete dam) is a combination of more than one type of dam. If a concrete dam’s own weight basis curved concrete arch gravity dam called and then when the concrete dam is comprised of a curved, it is called a multiple concrete gravity arch dam.Bendungan hollow concrete by its own weight. 196 High peak III with a length: 1.064 m. Concrete volume: 5.2 million m3.

Is a combination of its own weight basis hollow concrete, concrete with a buffer, urugan rocks and land fill which a total length of 7,760 m (Dam buffer).
The development objective for: irrigation and power plants with installed power of 105 MW. Type: concrete with a buffer, with a total length of 13,000 m. Height: 68 m long special summit of concrete with a buffer of 1,000. and a total length of 13,500. Concrete volume: 850,000 m. The development objective for: hydro power plant with an installed power of 120 MW (3 units) and irrigation. Type: concrete arch shape in both directions. Height: 135 m by 174 m long crest. Volume of concrete: 285,000 m3