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Preparation of Raw Materials

Fish raw materials to be preserved by salting method should be separated by type, size, and freshness. Other ingredients are pure salt containing 99% NaCl for good product quality. The amount of salt required is between 10% – 35%, depending on the level of salinity desired.
Figure 6. Fish and salt as raw material salting process

Preparation of equipment
a) The containers to be prepared for the salting process can be made of cement, wood, fiber, or plastic. The container must be waterproof except for the required method of kench salting container in the form of a bamboo basket.
b) Cover container equipped with ballast.
c) Knives or machetes.
d) Scales
e) Cutting board
f) Basket
g) Drying or para-para


(b) (c)

(d) (e)
Figure 7. Various salting process equipment

(a). Fiber container, (b). Knives, (c) .Balance,
(d) The drying, (e). Bamboo basket

3) Weeding fish
a) For large fish needs to be done weeding process. Then the fish split into two along the back line toward the stomach.
b) For medium-sized fish weeding process is still done, but the fish does not need to be split in two.
c) While small fish need not be done weeding process, simply washed until clean.
d) The fish was washed with running water.
e) After going through the washing process, the fish drained and then weighed.
Figure 8. The process of splitting fish


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