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Suspended Solids and Total Dissolved

Total suspended solids or Total Suspended Solid (TSS) is suspended materials and dissolved in water, these materials filtered on Millipore filter paper with a pore size of 0.45 lm. While total dissolved solids are dissolved materials that are not filtered by Millipore filter paper with a pore size of 0.45 lm. TSS measurement is done by gravimetric consisting of screening activity, evaporation and weighing measurements are usually combined with measurement of total dissolved solids or Total Disolved Solid (TDS).

Tools and materials :
a) Paper filter / Millipore filter with a porosity of 0.45 μm
b) Vacuum pump
c) Scales
d) porcelain cup
e) Oven
f) Desiccator
g) 500 mL water sample
h) glass cup, measuring cup and funnel

How to Work Measurement TSS:
a) Prepare the filter and vacuum pump. filter 2 x 20 ml of distilled water, let the filtration continues until 2-3 minutes to suck excess water
b) dry filter paper in the oven for 1 hour at temperatures of 103-105 ° C, it is desirable in a desiccator, then weigh (gr B)
c) take 100 ml of sample water with paper measuring, stirring, then filtered using filter paper (filter), which has weighed on the procedure no 2
d) dry the filter and residue in the oven 103-105 ° C for at least 1 hour, cool in desiccator, weigh (A g)

Calculation :
A: weight (mg) filter and residues
B: weight (mg) filter

How it Works TDS Measurement:
a) prepare a filter (Millipore with porousity 0.45 μm or equivalent) soaked in distilled water for 24 hours and allow to dry
b) heat the porcelain bowl cleaner on the furnace temperature of 550 ° C or oven 103-105 ° C for 30 minutes
c) cool in the desiccator and weigh (D mg)
d) a sample of 100 ml of water filtered by using a vacuum pump, pour distilled water into a porcelain bowl
e) uapkan the bowl on a hot plate until the water content berkurag, then dry in the oven 105 ° C for 1 hour
f) porcelain bowl and let cool in a desiccator and then weigh the residue (R mg)

Calculation :
R: weight (mg) bowl and residues
D: weight (mg) bowl

Figure 29. Measurement of water quality in the field / location