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Type of Dam Based Functions

There are 8 types, namely:
1) The preliminary dodger Dam (Primary coffer dam) is bendungn the first built on the river at low water discharge in order to plan the location of the dam dodger become dry which allows technical development.
2) Dam dodger (coffer dam) is a dam built after the completion of the preliminary dodger dams so that the location of the main dam planned to be dried, which allows with establishment technically.
3) The main dam (Main dam) is a dam built for one or more specific objectives.
4) Dam (high level dam) is a dam located on the left or right of the main dam, which is also equal peak heights
5) Dam on the lower bunk (sadlle dam) is situated on the edge dam reservoirs are far from the main dam was built to prevent the escape of water from the dam, so the water does not flow stricken area surrounding the reservoir.
6) The embankment dam located on the left or right side of the main dam and the place of the main dam maximum height of 5 meters with a maximum length of five times the height of the lighthouse.
7) Dams industrial wastes (Industrial waste dam) is composed of embankment dam gradually to hold waste from industry.
8) Dam mine (Main Tailings dam) is composed of embankment dam gradually to withhold the results of mining excavation and preparation of materials derived from the results of the mining excavation.

According to ICOLD (The International Commossion on Large Dams) were divided into 6 types of dams:
1) land fill
2) urugan stone
3) heavy concrete itself
4) concrete buffer
5) concrete arch
6) more than one curved concrete

planning Dams
To plan and build a dam must dialaskan on a solid foundation by reviewing some general aspects: whether tluktuasi really disturbing amount of river water between the wet season and the heat so that the water supply can not be relied upon to meet the needs of consumers throughout the year. Is the issue of resettlement of residents of the location plan of the dam is still within reasonable limits so that it will be overcome by both ethically, economically and politically.

Is there a suitable location, appropriate and soil conditions foundation strong enough to support the weight of the type urugan or concrete dam. Collection and penujian existing baseline data.

  • topographic maps
  • geological map
  • aerial photo
  • Land use maps
  • Map landholding

Note the location of the plans and activities in the vicinity. Pre-feasibility study includes:

  • Survay engineering geology
  • Survay topography
  • Survay hidroklimatologi

Pre dam plan includes:

  • The choice of location (several alternatives)
  • Selection of the type of dam
  • dimension
  • calculation of stability
  • Making the technical specifications
  • Schedule detail design manufacture
  • Schedule construction
  • Budget plan
  • economic analysis

Feasibility study
Do activities that are equal to point c above but with the depth needed for a feasibility study, with a record of the location of the dam plans have been focused on somewhere.