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Amplifier System Generator

The main generator amplifier tends to evolve from an alternating current generator connected to a synchronous generator through a rectifier which rotates the generator shaft so it does not need slip rings. Figure II.8 shows elongated pieces bipolar rotor synchronous generator (rotor turbo generator) bipolar and Figure II.9 shows the hydroelectric generator rotor Long City (Riau) pole lot 57 MW.

Power plant and a power plant requires high speed, generally using bipolar generators and hydro generators require low speed using a pole much.

Figure II.8 turbo generator rotor bipolar
Figure II.9 City hydropower generator rotor length (Riau) pole lot 57 MW
Figure II.10 The stator of a synchronous generator

Generator is not earthed neutral point, and if the installation is generally earthed through an impedance to limit the fault current circuit besarya land that is capable enough to drive a relay protection. Figure II.11 shows the diagram of a synchronous generator with a current gain of 2400 kW/400V DC generator. From the commutator DC generator connected to two (2) main generator slipring. The main generator has a capacity of 500 MW/12 kV/60Hz.

Figure II.11 Diagram 500 MW synchronous generator with 2400 kW DC generator amplifier