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Packaging a Product

Giving the packaging on a product can provide three main benefits, namely the communication benefits, functional benefits, and perceptual benefits. 1 Benefits Communication The main benefit is as a medium of packaging products to consumer disclosure. Such information includes how to use the product, product composition, and specific information (side effects, the optimal frequency of use, and so on). Other ...

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Product Hierarchy

Product hierarchy of basic needs to begin with a particular item that can m emuaskan requirements. Product hierarchy consists of seven levels, namely: 1 Need family, the core needs / basic form product family. Example, a sense of security. 2 product family, the entire class of products that can satisfy the needs of the core / base with sufficient levels ...

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Classification of Consumer Goods

In addition based on durability, the products are also classified by whom and for what products consumers are consumed. Based on these criteria, the product can be divided into consumer goods (consumer’s goods) and industrial goods (industrial’s goods). Consumer goods are goods that are consumed for the benefit of the final consumer’s own (individual and household), not for business purposes. ...

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Product Definition

Product is anything that can be offered by manufacturers to note, asked, sought, purchased, used, or consumed as fulfilling market needs or desires the relevant market. Products offered include physical goods (like motorcycles, computers, TVs, textbooks), services (restaurants, lodging, transportation), or a private person (Madonna, Tom Hanks, of Michael Jordan), place (Kuta Beach, lake Toba) , organization (Indonesian Institute of ...

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The Position of Market Segmentation

When market segmentation has been done and the market target has been decided then the next step is to determine the position of that market position of the product in the minds of kansumen. In marketing terms that are commonly used positioning. Many positioning definition given by marketing experts with versions and their respective models. Hermawan Kertajaya, in his book ...

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Classification of Goods Industry

Industrial goods are goods that are consumed by industrialists (among consumers or business customers) for purposes other than direct consumption, namely: a. To be changed, then manufactured into other goods resold (by the manufacturer). b. For resale (by traders) without physical transformation (production process). Industrial goods can be classified based on its role in the production process and their relative ...

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