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Dry and Wet Cleaning Place

Before doing the cleaning in dry and wet areas first need to know, why and how the area should be clean? Something clean will provide a comfortable sense of the guests, and if the hotel is not clean area will cause a bad impression to the guests of the hotel / associated company, and not only that will further affect the health of a person in a certain period of time, due to neglect of sanitation and hygiene and safety.

In anticipation of dry and wet area clean and maintain sanitation and hygiene we need to know the sources of pollutants and other sources that cause health problems. Below is one example of the sources of noise in the work area are the responsibility of the housekeeping department.

Figure 4.8. Sources of Impurities


Carry out the cleaning procedure

Carry out the cleaning procedures in the public areas of the hotel need to pay attention to the importance and proper cleaning techniques to avoid misuse of tools and materials so that the results would be maximized.

The important things are:

  • a. Identify and define the areas that need to be cleaned and done.
  • b. Inform the responsible section when cleaning is expected to be done soon.
  • c. Collect and check the cleaning materials, equipment and supplies.
  • d. Prepare equipment and cleaning agents in accordance with the state of the object to be cleaned
  • e. Perform cleanup from this part of the top or highest part towards the bottom or lowest, as well as the most distant part of the heading toward the door.
  • f. Perform work with the principle of clockwise or counter-clockwise if the objects in the room cleaning.
  • g. The principle of cleaning is to remove the dirt, not lifting surface layer of the object to be cleaned or leveling dirt.
  • h. Work by using the principles of health and safety.
  • i. Using a soft cleaning materials before using harsh cleaning agents / strong (adjust the level of staining)
  • j. Posting Signs / Wet Coution if it was cleaning the common areas to ensure that guests are not exposed to hazards like slipping due to wet floors or fall of water for cleaning overhead (the part above the head).
  • k. Prepare all the signs are important so as not to endanger the guests and staff
  • l. Always check the area / location cleaned if it is really clean, before leaving the area.
  • m. Restore the equipment and cleaning materials in space / warehouse available.