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Evaluating Alternatives

We have mempejari how consumers generate information that generates a set of brands that ultimately selected. How do consumers choose from alternative existing brand?

Marketers need to understand the process of evaluating alterna- ie, how consumers process information that produces a wide selection of brands. Unfortunately, consumers do not make an evaluation
are single and simple, but consumers might do some evaluation process.

Consumer attitudes towards a particular brand is formed through several evaluation procedures. The way consumers start evaluating alternative business purchases depends on the individual consumer and situation specific purchase. In some cases, consumers use careful calculations and logical thinking.

In another time, concerned consumers do little or no work at all evaluation; instead they buy on impulse or rely on intuition. Sometimes consumers make decisions alone, sometimes depending on friends, consumer instructions, or the seller to get the buying advice.

If he had narrowed his choice to four kamera.juga can be considered he was only interested in the four attributes – the image quality, ease of use, camera size and price. He has formed a belief about how the brand rankings according to each attribute. Obviously, if there is one camera that gets the best ratings in all attributes, we can expect that he will choose it. However, brands can vary its appeal. May purchase decision based on only one attribute, therefore, the choice would be easy to guess.

If he wants the picture quality is the most important attribute over another, he will buy a camera that has the best picture. But the buyer is considering several attributes of each different level of importance.

If we know the importance weight given attribute each of the four attributes, we can estimate the camera brand choice to be bought so that more reliable estimates statutes. Marketers should study buyers in order to evaluate the actual brand alternatives. If marketers know the process of evaluating what happened, marketers can take steps to influence the buyer’s decision.


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