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Exploring the Field

Field formed by the meeting of the limit line of a form, in this case the line as a barrier. Similarly, some of the lines intersecting each other will be able to form some fields. Field has dimensions of a display, and has a wide width and position, direction and bounded by a line.

As well as the lines, the field also has properties resulting, for example: flat and wide field will be memorable broad, horizontal plane quiet impressive, majestic and impressive vertical plane stable, unstable field diagonal memorable, impressive undulating motion bidand unstable. Some areas are commonly known

Figure 1.7. Some form fields

Some examples of the composition of the field:

Figure 1.11. The composition of the rhythmic field
Figure 1.13. The composition of the random field
Figure 1.12. The composition of contrasting areas
Figure 1.14. The composition is symmetrical field

Constructing the line and the field should pay attention to aesthetics, this arrangement is expected to be an interesting composition. The composition is a composition or blend some elements of art that meets the requirements that focused on creating value in the form of artistic impression of unity, symmetry, rhythm, balance, and harmony so that the work becomes noticeably intact, clear, and compelling.