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Jigger Machine Part-Jolley

The parts of the machine jigger-Jolley be drawn as shown below snippet.

Figure 8:51. Jigger parts.
Figure 8:52. Jolley parts


  1. Pivot, the axis of the tool holder (rod handle).
  2. Stop, bolts regulator that can go up and down which serves to set the blade forming cessation (profile).
  3. Tool holder, rod holder grip the knife forming (profile) that serves to lower and raise the blade forming (profile).
  4. Counter balance, counterweight rod grip.
  5. Cup wheel head, round head can be made of cast iron or cast that serves as a place holder plaster mold (mold).
  6. Mould, mold material objects made of gypsum (plaster of paris).
  7. Profile, forming a knife made of iron plate, wood, or mica which serves to form the inside / outside of the ceramic objects.
Figure 8:53. Alatjigger-Jolley masinal.


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