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Perspective Drawing

Image is a perspective drawing techniques used to describe an object in the form of objects, spaces (interior), and environment (exterior) are visible to the human eye into a flat plane. Effect arising from the perspective of (three-dimensional) are limited perception of the human eye catching objects (objects) are seen and drawn in a horizontal plane, the farther objects appear smaller and look like dots. This point is called the science of perspective vanishing point. The vanishing point lies on a line parallel to the line of the eye’s surface and the earth’s horizon.

Perspective image is built by three main elements, namely: length, width, and depth (volume), so that live images can be equipped with a shadow, color, or texture. Perspective drawings made to objects (objects) drawn easily understood and can create the impression of depth to the image.

Both the human eye has a viewpoint on a flat surface so as to form an imaginary line called the horizon, due to the limitations of human vision of distant objects that can not be seen again form a point called the vanishing point. The position angle of view can be divided into three, namely:

  • Ie normal viewpoint position of objects in general see humans standing.
  • High viewpoint (bird’s eye) view of the spot position is higher than the object.
  • View of the low shrinkage (cat’s eye) is the position of the place look more lower object
  • Perspective image created by the objective rules of an image, with one point missing, lost two points, three points lost, or missing the point outside the image area.

One vanishing point perspective drawing
Picture perspective with a vanishing point occurs when an object or objects seen with the center line of sight is perpendicular to one surface and vertical lines and horizontal parallel to the image plane remains vertical and horizontal.

Horizontal stripes are getting away if extended would appear to meet at a central point of view. As an example of the actual train tracks parallel, would seem like a meet at one point.

Sample images with a single vanishing point perspective:

Figure 2.6. One-point perspective is lost

Two Point Perspective Drawing Missing
Images with two vanishing point perspective using two vanishing points on the horizontal line. Technically similar to the one tititk lost perspective.
Missing two point perspective drawings can be shown if the object or objects seen in one of the corners, it is as if all the objects of the image focused on two points on the left and right.

Sample images with two vanishing point perspective:
Figure 2.7. Missing two point perspective

Vanishing point perspective drawing three
Vanishing point perspective drawing three aka happen when an object or objects viewed from a higher place or lower, it is as if the object of the image focused on the three dots next to the post right, bottom or top.

Sample images with three vanishing point perspective:
Figure 2.8. Three vanishing point perspective