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Plastering Field Angle and Curvature

Principles of plastering workmanship and acian on the field angle and curved wall is the same wall with stucco and acian on walls. Noteworthy is; for field corner wall, stucco and acian angle should form straight lines and straight. For curved, plastering and acian must match the curved area is desirable, if not flat curved wall, then the function acian stucco and curved area is flatten the curved area.

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Figure V-5, Results Plastering and acian the Angle Field and Field Curvature
Plastering Cement Floor
Plastering cement floors usually use a rectangular shape by using a mortar / mortar. The steps involved in stucco cement floor is;
1 Determine the location of the highest point of the floor as the base face, which is usually taken under the door.
2 Installation of the first conducted under the door by using a mortar.
3 From the front on the first couple of threads pulled toward the corners of the room and at each corner of the floor mounted one pair as a guideline for high floor face.
4 From the floor su dut couple threads drawn parallel edges of the room to assign the location of the points or the center of the room.
5. In places the peg fitted. On peg boards nailed to the pull-threads, such as the installation of building boards. Installation of the board must be flat and checked with a carpenter’s level.
6 From the boards are stretched to pull the thread mounting threads. At first pulled a thread from the couple’s first floor near the door, then stretched in the direction perpendicular to the pull of the yarn also towards cross-thread the other.
7 From the pull of the string begins installation of stucco floor.
8. Plastering floor is done with a thickness of ± 2 cm, with a flattened stucco surface rubbed with abrasive wood.
9 Installation is done by backward moving towards the door so that the stucco floor has been installed is not disturbed by the installation of stucco next floor.
10 To keep the finished tile installation is not damaged, in certain places to put the board on it.
11. After a rather dry, the floor surface is coated with a mixture of pure cement water ruskam diulaskan using wood / steel and flattened.
12. When you want the surface to resemble stucco tile floors, stucco hardens done it before withdrawal cord / rope that is attached to the stucco surface of the floor. The size can be adjusted according to the distance between needs.
Figure V-7, Plastering Floor