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Procedure Internal Hotels

1). Order Cleaning Room (room cleaning Order either directly from or through a Front Office)

a) The order taker immediately submit the request to the concierge room (room attendant / floor supervisor) by using a phone / pager.
b) It should be noted order taker noted the request room cleaning service in order taker log book
c) Hours receive an order, no room, the type of order, the origin of the order, and the name of the room attendant who receives orders
d) By order of the room attendant immediately come and clean the room in question
e) Note: if the room attendant was working in another room, floor supervisor shall inform guests to wait a little while, and apologized for the delay.
2). Handling Room Do not Disturb
Is one of the state rooms at the hotel because one of the things / interests guest is inside the guest in question do not want to be disturbed (do not diasturb) means the activity of a treatment should be delayed because they did not want to be disturbed.
Field / Personnel involved in the handling of the rooms do not disturb are:
a) Room Attendant
b) Floor / Room Supervisor
c) Front Office
d) Executive Housekeeper / assisstant
e) Duty Manager / Chief Security

a) Room attendant who meet DND noted the room numbers marked DND on the door lock (handle) in his room in the room report
b) Room attendant reported to the floor / room supervisor
c) insert the card room clerk a notice about the cleaning room (Notification Make Up Room) so that the guest rooms bias contact housekeeping when asked cleaned
d) Room attendant will clean the room after an instruction from the floor supervisor
e) Follow-up of penaganan rooms do not disturb, Supervisor must immediately act in a way mengghubungi Front Office to state whether the DND sign his own CO or not.
f) If not, Floor supervisor report to the executive housekeeper / assistant challenge rooms that still DND
g) Executive housekeeper / assistant will call the room after 14.00 to determine whether there is still room guest room or not
h) If the room is locked with a safety chain or ring lock, immediately report to the duty manager for further action
i) If there are executive housekeeper / assistant directly into the room to open the room with a master key to check the condition of the room.
j) If the state of a regular room and did not immediately tell the supervisor suspicious
k) If in the room there are things that are suspicious as firearms or weapons, explosives, the transmitter and others immediately report to two managers or chief of security for the record room.
3). Requests Addition Sleeping place
a) Request for extra bed will be served after approval from the front office
b) After receiving the order, the order taker officer immediately deliver the order to the clerk of rooms
c) The concierge room (room attendant) to prepare an extra bed and sent to the room in question
d) Extra Bed placed parallel with existing bedding in a room that is in the room, or adapted to the situation and condition of the rooms
e) Addition of the bed, followed by the addition of a towel
f) status code is converted into O3 room (occupied by 3 persons)
g) The new room status code is recorded in housekeeping report.
h) Note: for children under 12 years stay free and room status O2 (occupied by 2 persons)

Damage or disruption in the room
A. Damage in the Room
1) All information about the damage in the room are recorded in the log book OT: hours of receipt of the information, no room, type of damage, the sender order and the name of the officer who received the information.
2) The apology should be presented to guests
3) If the equipment is not functioning because of damaged, immediately gave the order taker announcing kepeda engineering section, to be sent officers to improve
4) In addition to the notice directly to the engineering, to be sent officers to improve
5) In addition to the notice directly to the engineering, order taker must complete the order by work order (WO) signed Exc. Housekeeper, and sent to the engineering section.

B. Disruption in the room
1) All information about the disorder in the room are recorded in the log book OT: hours of receipt of the information, Number of rooms, type of disorder, the origin of the information and the name of the officer who received the information.
2) The apology should be presented to guests
3) If the interference light, OT inform the supervisor to handle.
If severe disorders, OT inform the Duty Manager and Security to follow up, and report this to the Exc. Housekeeper