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Science Of Nutrition

Nutritional science is born before the 18th century, which was preceded by a series of experiments in 1783 -1793 by Antoine Lavoiser known as the Father of Nutritional Sciences. Lavoiser through experiments on guinea pigs discover oxygen function and digestive processes in the body. He succeeded in laying the foundations of the science of nutrition in the form of chemical and biochemical functions of food in the body.

Along with this Poerwosoedarmo as Indonesian Nutrition father who first introduced diet “Four Perfect Healthy Five”.


Starting from Lavoiser discovery in the field of nutrition, one by one the experts started to find the chemical composition of the foods that are beneficial for health. The composition of the chemical in food hereinafter known as nutrients. Nutrients are grouped into carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Each of these nutrients needed by the body in varying amounts.

Differences in human nutritional needs based on age, sex, physiological condition and level of routine activities that they do.

Figure 1.7: Various – kinds of healthy foods

Until the 20th century, have found a lot (approximately 50 compounds and elements) that the body needs for good health is maintained. All of these elements and compounds present in food for human consumption. Various nutrients in foods have different functions in the body. But all kinds of nutrients are needed to maintain human health and life balance.

Research on nutrient continues to this day. Similarly, the human need for these nutrients. Do not stop there, the impact if human deficiency or excess in consuming these nutrients. Various attempts were made to determine the impact of the advantages and disadvantages in consuming nutrients. Besides the prevention and treatment continued research.

Figure 1.8: Healthy Living
Figure 1.9: Thyroid disease one due to nutritional problems


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