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Spread of Ceramics in Indonesia

During the two-year development comes the new expectations for the use of ceramic objects in hotels in Jakarta and other cities. The ceramic objects such as tableware, decoration and places of interest. Then proceed to the town people are getting used to use ceramic objects and little by little comes the desire of the body as a household necessity. Life world of ceramics began to rise and growth of small and medium enterprises engaged in ceramics as contained in Bandung, Plered-Purwokweto, Klampok, Bayat-Klaten, Malang, Yogyakarta and other areas outside of Java.

With the passage of time, and with the higher education of fine arts such as ITB, ASRI (ISI) Yogyakarta, ASTI (ISI) in Surakarta and other university academics began to spawn a ceramic artist who helped turn ceramics today’s world. However, amid the progress of the world ceramic industry, ceramic industry of Indonesia has not experienced significant progress despite advances in the field of ceramics has become the market demands.

This is because the facilities and infrastructure, such as tools to develop the ceramic industry including expensive. In addition as for the technology that is difficult to come by. Because the materials for advanced ceramic materials must be pure.

But efforts to develop the ceramics industry, in the form of research is still being done, such activities have become routine activities such as the Center for Ceramics in London, as well as development activities for the design of ceramic objects in industries such as Sango Semarang, the ceramic industry in Tangerang and in other industries.

Figure 5:36. Sango ceramics factory products.

From the results of coaching and guidance from government and relevant parties, both productivity and experience crafters variations also increase. The development of this form of ceramic products that linger characteristic of each region more attractive and enriching the nation’s culture results.

The development of increasingly advanced tourism gives a very good impact for the development of ceramics. With the launching of such tourist village: The village Paging gap-Bayat Klaten, Bantul village-Kasongan, Klampok-Banjarnegara, Banyumulek-Lombok further improve the productivity and quality of the ceramic product marketing also growing until now.

Figure 5:37. Ceramic Lombok
Figure 5:38. Ceramic Kasongan