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Understanding of Type, Character And Anatomy Letter

It is known that the letters play an important role in conveying a message in writing. Drawing letters (alphabet), is a basic skill to convey information to the public through the medium of writing interesting and informative. Drawing letters and numbers are very useful in image-making techniques, in this case used is a simple form letter.

The letters used in the world of graphic (print print) very much, these letters are valid internationally. Of some existing typeface, can be grouped into several types of groups of letters, namely:
a. Serif Font
Serif typeface is a group that has a “stalk” (stem).
Just approach the end of the legs of the letter, either at the top or bottom, there is a widening or stalk resembling buttresses.
For example:

b. Sans Serif Font
Sans serif is a group of letters without fins / serif, so this type of letter does not have fins at the end of the letter and has a thickness of letters the same or nearly the same. The impression created by the letter of this type is modern, contemporary and efficient.
For example:
c. Letters and Decorative Script
Decorative letters and a script typeface “connect” and the letter “freestyle.” Letter to connect or script can also commonly called “handwritten letter” (handwriting) because it resembles a person’s handwriting.
For example:
Some fonts are popular and frequently used in the manufacture of media publications, books, magazines, newspapers, and other products. Examples of the types of letters are often used, such as:
          Arial Arial Black Bodoni MT
          Garamond Gill Sans MT Haettenschweiler
          Baskerville Old Face
          NT! Hpuijd
          Century Cooper Black