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Various Kinds of Metal Materials

Metal materials commonly used

1. Iron
Pig iron obtained by melting in a high kitchen poured into molds shaped half moon and widely traded for re-casted in sand molds called “Cast Iron” (cast iron) as a raw material products, which cast iron is processed into steel at steel kitchens which will produce various types of steel.
2. Copper
Pure copper is used extensively in the electrical industry, where one of the good properties of Copper (Copper) is a metal that is a good conductor (Conductor Electricity) despite a low voltage. In certain types of copper mixed with zinc so that the voltage to be strong, Copper Zinc alloy is known as Brass (Brass), or mixed Tin (Tin) to be Bronze.

Brass diextrusi into various forms of components of electrical appliances or other equipment that require corrosion resistance. Brass Products in the form of a sheet (sheet) is clay, molded by pressing and deep-drawing. Bronze is manufactured in sheet form having a pretty good voltage and phosphorus are often added element known as Phosphor-Bronze. This material is often used as a cushion and is made in the form of castings which have to have a voltage and good corrosion resistance.

3. Lead or Lead
Lead or Lead (Lead) had resistance to chemical attack, especially acid solution so suitable for use in the Chemical Industry. Materials Lead (Plumber) is also often used as a flashing material and solder alloy material is also used as a bearing alloy layer with the addition of free-cutting steel machine will be able to add properties (Machinability).
4. Seng
Zinc (Zinc) combined with copper to produce brass (Brass). By adding various elements of this material is often used as a mold in casting Automotive components. Zinc (Zinc) is also used to sell the battery as well as the casting material galvanized for anti-rust coating on steel.
5. Aluminum
Aluminum Alloy (Aluminum Alloy) used as aircraft equipment, automobiles and engineering equipment extensively because of its strong and lightweight. Aluminum is also used extensively as structural materials saerta various kitchen utensils are heat resistant wrapping.
6. Nickel and Chromium
Nickel and Chromium (Nickel and Chromium) is widely used as an alloy with steel to obtain special properties are also used as coatings on various metals.
7. Titanium (Ti)
Titanium (Ti) metal with white gray with equal strength steel and stable up to temperatures of 4000C has a specific gravity of 4.5 kg/dm3. Titanium is used as a purifying steel or used as an alloying element in aluminum.