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Capacitors and Capacitance

Capacitance can be defined as a combination system of conductors and insulators which can store electricity (free electrons). The ability premises indicated the letter C. The units of capacity expressed in farads. Farad symbol is the letter F capital. One farad can be expressed as electric charging (charge) of the Coulomb on the surface of the capacitor with a potential difference of one volt between the two plates.

Unit Capacitance
Farad unit is a unit rather large if applied to a capacitor unit. Typically capacitors are used in various electrical appliances and refrigeration assessed in size microfarads (μF). Each device has a capacitance (save elekron free) called a capacitor. Large-scale capacitors made from metal surfaces such as aluminum foil separated by baha insulating (dielectric), as shown in Figure 3.8.

Capacitors are classified based on the material used as the dielectric. Dielectric material that is commonly used is air, paper, oil, ceramics, and elektrolid.

Figure 3.8 Construction Capacitors

A capacitor connected in series with the electrical load in an electrical circuit, can change the sinusoidal wave and making waves ahead of the wave of electric current electric voltage. Capacitors are used to increase the torque of the motor single phase, increase efficiency, and repair work factor. More in-depth discussion of this issue will be provided in the Basic and Electrical Measurements 2. Capacitors are components of the electrical / electronics are used to store electrical charges, and simply consists of two conductors separated by an insulator (dielectric).

Capacitors are also called capacitors are devices (components) of electricity is made such that it is able to store an electrical charge for a while. The simplest capacitor is a capacitor formed by two conductor plates. In principle a capacitor consists of two conductors (metal plate) separated by insulating material (insulator). This is often called a sealing insulator materials (substances) dielectric.

Dielectric substance used to insulate the conductor can be used to distinguish the type of capacitor. Some capacitor using a dielectric material such as paper, mica, plastic and other fluids. Because it is able to store energy, the capacitor is commonly used as a backup energy when disconnected electronic circuits are-suddenly. It inikarena the transient current on the capacitor.

At the receiver radio, capacitors along with electronic components may be used as a frequency filter and filter waves, but can also as component the rectifier circuit current / voltage ac into dc or smoothing ripple so that electronic devices can use with alternating voltage (PLN) without batteries. Capacitors can also use as components giving a brief light on the camera flash.