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Indicator Lights Electric Motors

The lights indicate a component used as a blinker. These lamps are used for various purposes such as for the indicator light on the bookmark panel phases R, S and T or L1, L2 and L3. It is also the indicator lights are used as an indication of the operation of a control system for example, the red indicator light turns on the motor is running and the green indicator light turns on the motor stops.
Figure 5-8. Construction indicator lights.

Figure 5-9. Use indicator light.

According to the following series of images, if the motor at the stop, contact normaly close Mb contactor is closed, and the green indicator light turns on.
Figure 5-10. Penggunanan indicator lights on the control circuit.

If the contactor coil energize, the red indicator light indicates that the motor road (spin). In this condition, contact Mb being open, and the green indicator light goes out. The red indicator light is connected in parallel with the contactor coil so that the motor will rotate continuously when the indicator light on fire.
Figure 5-11. Energize the contactor coil.

In the event of overload, OL close contact normaly open, the motor stops and the red indicator light, Mb contacts open, the green indicator light turns on and contact normaly open closed OL, yellow indicator light (A) lights.