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Equipment Maintenance and Repair Work

When treatment is necessary equipment to do so. Without knowing the proper equipment to do the job can cause undesired damage. Therefore, an understanding of the tool into something that is very important in the maintenance and repair work. Workplace accidents caused by improper use of tools can be dangerous for workers, co-workers, goods and or the tool itself.

This material discusses various hand tools used in maintenance and repair in the workshop. Ototronik field of work equipment (Automotive Electronics) can be classified into:
1. Hand Tools
Hand tools are common tools used to work dibengkel.

2. Machine tool / power tool
Machine tools / power tools are tools that work using AC power or wind power or hydraulic as its power source.

3. Measurement
Measuring tool is a measuring device magnitudes mechanically or electrically.

Hand Tools
Hand care equipment normally stored in an equipment box (tool box) or a Trolly.
Pictures Trolly

Picture Tool Boxes

Various hand tools commonly kept in storage include:
1. etcher
2. The Miser
3. Wrench (doubleopen ended spanner)
4. Key Ring (double ended ring / box spanner)
5. Lock Combination (combination spanner)
6. Key sok (socket wrences)
7. Key L (Allen key)
8. Adjustable Wrench
9. Tang combination (Combination Pliers)
10. Tang pinch (Needle nose pliers)
11. Tang cut (Cutting pliers)
12. Screwdriver (Screw Driver)
13. Hammer (hammer)
14. Sculpture (chisel)
15. vise
16. Scissors
17. Pengetapan and Senai