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Selection Of Right Hydraulic Fluid

At the time of selecting the correct hydraulic fluid, the following points should be considered:

  • conformity with the system,
  • temperature requirements,
  • konstrusksi components,
  • pressure during operation, and
  • viscosity requirements.

Consult with the supplier of the fluids and consult the manufacturer for assistance in determining the appropriate liquid with the job. There is a fluid suitable for use in modern hydraulic systems and fluid in error will cause problems. MS hydraulic fluids (most serve) is specifically formulated according to the needs of the present. MS fluid changes can increase service life of system components and saves cost.

Until recently, hydraulic fluids should be more robust, providing peak pressure and a long power for hours of operation. These liquids must withstand every day in all systems. This meant that the oil savings of more and need to improve the quality. The properties of anti-wear can prevent scratches and excessive keuasan operation with high speed and high pressure. A high stability to resist oxidation and prevent the formation of layers and deposits that contaminate the system.

Anti-rust agent can prevent the formation of rust due to the condensation of moisture. An anti-foam air bubbles in the liquid and prevent foaming that can cause a slow and irregular operations. A good viscosity index fluid to flow easily when low temperatures without thinning at high temperatures after long hours of use. The properties of the seal conditioner seals prevent cracks and excessive waves which can result in fluid leakage.

Reservoir is a very important part in the system. If the reservoir is designed, assembled and installed properly, it will be able to retain fluids, separating air, precipitate the contaminants, dissipate heat and increase the suction pressure at the pump. Design reservoir should be tall and narrow. As this will prevent the entry of air in the oil, which is caused by the action of air vortex at the suction pressure.

Where possible, the reservoir should be installed above the pump. Inverting hose must exist under the measuring fluid. Sufficient air space to be prepared around the reservoir in order to heat get out because for cooler system will operate more eifisien.