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Accessing Terminal As Root Debian

To gain access to terminal applications in Debian as root can be done by using some of the following alternatives.
1. Through the menu Applications> Accessories> Terminal Root. Once selected the system will ask for the root password to open the application.

2. Through the Terminal application (Applications> Accessories> Terminal), and then run the following command.
on the screen that appears, enter the root password and press enter.

3. Using the key combination Ctrl + Alt + F1 to Ctrl + Alt + F6. To be able to return to the desktop view press Ctrl + Alt + F7. By default (default). This key is a key combination that can be used to switch from full-screen text terminal mode to the desktop and vice versa. At this text terminal and the user enter a password that will be used to login as root. As a trademark, each terminal are accessed using the root user will always have prompt # whereas a normal user would be given prompt $.

Use of Program Shutdown
In addition to access via GUI turn off / restart the computer can also be done through the terminal. The following is a table of variation in the type of command shutdown program and results.

As previously described above shutdown command can only be executed via the terminal with root access.