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Potentiometer Sensor Function

The transducer / potentiometric sensor is an electromechanical device containing a resistance element connected by a movable slide contact. The sliding contact movement produces a linear, logarithmic, exponential change of resistance, and so on, depending on the way in which the resistance wire is rolled. Potentiometers available on the market consist of several types, namely carbon potentiometers, wire wound potentiometers ...

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Microcomputer Architecture

Microprocessors can not stand alone components to process the data, perform calculations, requires other components, so-called system microprocessor or microcomputer. The microcomputer architecture can be seen in the image below: Figure 2 Architecture microcomputers Microprocessor / CPU Microprocessor or CPU is the “brain” which is the main control of all operations in the computer system. Microprocessor taking the binary instructions ...

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Photo Transistor Sensor

Photo transistor is a type of transistor whose base bias is infrared light. The amount of current flowing between the collector and the emitter is proportional to the intensity of light received by the photo transistor. Photo transistors are often used as an infrared light control switch, which utilizes saturation (saturation) and off (cut off) conditions from the photo transistor. ...

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Microcontroller Interface with LED and Rele

Connect the parallel port with LED General configuration for connecting an LED to a microcontroller is as shown in Figure 1:21 (a) LED lights up when the pin microcontroller given sinya LOW and will die when the pin microcontroller is HIGH. Prisoners are mounted on angkaian used to limit the current flowing through the LED. Resistance value is determined by ...

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Strain Gauge Materials

Various types of resistance materials have been developed for use in Gauge – Gauge wire and foil , such as: a. Constantan is a copper-nickel alloy with a low temperature coefficient. Usually Constantan is found in Gauge used for dynamic strains, where strain level changes do not exceed ± 1500 μcm / cm. The working temperature limit is from 10oC ...

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Basic Circuit of Photo Transistor Sensors

This component has the same properties as the transistor that produces the cut off and saturation conditions. The difference is, when the transistor cutoff condition occurs when no current flows through the base to the emitter and saturation conditions occur when there is current flowing through the base to the emitter then the phototransistor cutoff condition occurs when no infrared ...

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