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Network Operating System Installation Mode Text

Installing a text mode network operating system is an installation mode that more use the keyboard to operate. Debian and Ubuntu Server is one example of a network operating system that processes intalasinya use this text mode. As mentioned at the previous meeting that there are minimum requirements that must be met before installation. Ensure that all necessary requirements have ...

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Understanding Web Addresses

The World Wide Web is a large collection of electronic files stored in millions of computers worldwide. Uniform Resource Locators or URLs are the addresses used to locate the file. The information contained in a URL gives the ability to move from one web page to another with just a click. When typing the URL into a browser or click ...

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Network Operating System Installation

Installation is the most prior to the build server. This installation includes two things, the installation of hardware and software. As a server that will serve the communication between the network, then a minimal server must have two network cards. One for the internal network and the other for external network. Other requirements in the server installation to follow the ...

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File On the Linux Operating System

On Linux systems, there are two ways to perform operations associated with a file or folder, which is a GUI and Text (CLI). a. Operations File-Based GUI Now there are many files and folders managing applications on Linux. These applications are categorized as File Manager. Example applications are Nautilus, Thunar, Dolphin, and the like. File operations such user to do ...

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Professionals In Information Technology

Nowadays there are a lot of various professions in the field of Information Technology or IT. The development of the IT world has spawned a new field that can not be separated from its primary purpose is to further enable people to do all the activities. The emergence of new areas of IT that also gave rise to a profession ...

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Web History

The Internet is a network of computers connected together. There is no company that has internet, which is a cooperative effort by the system set standards and rules. The purpose of connecting computers together, of course, is to share information. There are many ways information can be sent between computers, including email, file transfer (File Transfer Protocol), and many more ...

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