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Presenting the Image Display Format

A web page will look stiff, formal impressed, and a little drab if not accompanied by pictures. We can see today, the web page on the Internet, almost all of them incorporate images, animation, audio and even video to attract and startle visitors. As another example, for example, want to create a web page that contains a collection of photographs, ...

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Presenting Web Page Design

A document is not infrequently used to display data to the user. There are many ways to display data, ranging from using graphs, lists, up to the table. The table is generally used to display tabular data in the form of rows and columns. the intersection of rows and columns in a table called a cell. In html, allows to ...

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Advantages and Weaknesses Sensors LM35

• Advantages: a. Remote temperature range between -55 to +150 ° C b. Low self-heating, at 0:08 o C c. Operating at a voltage of 4 to 30 V d. The circuit is not complicated e. Does not require signal conditioning • Deficiency: Requires source voltage to operate LM35 temperature sensor is a small component such as a transistor (TO-92). ...

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Resistance Thermal Detector (RTD)

RTD is one of several types of temperature sensors are often used. RTD is made of corrosion-resistant wire, the wire is wound on the ceramic insulator material. RTD wire material for, among others; platinum, gold, silver, nickel and copper, and platinum is best material because it can be used to censor the temperature up to 1500 o C. Copper can ...

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Temperature Sensor LM35

LM35 temperature sensor is an electronic component that has a function to turn the temperature scale into electrical quantities in the form of voltage. LM35 temperature sensor used in this study is an electronic component electronics manufactured by National Semiconductor. LM35 has high accuracy and ease of design when compared with the other temperature sensor, LM35 also has a low ...

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Compensation Techniques Thermistor

Characteristics thermistor below shows the relationship between temperature and resistance as shown in the following figure. To control the need to change prisoners into stress, the following basic circuit to turn resistance into voltage. Thermistor with a positive coefficient (PTC, Positive Thermal Coeffisien) Graph characteristics PTC thermistor type: In operation utilizing PTC thermistor type resistivity change with temperature, and generally ...

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