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Web Application Development Tool

For web application development tools can be grouped into hardware and software. a. Hardware For web development environment that is comfortable, the following equipment should be provided:  Main Computer, the Macintosh operating system, Windows, or Linux. Professional web development companies tend to be based Macintosh.  additional memory. computer should have a great memory, because in web development are ...

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Chronology of Web Application Development

Based on the perception of some software developers and experts in the field of software engineering (software engineering professional), Web Application Development is not the same with software engineering although both involve programming and software development. Although many adopted the principles of software engineering, Web Application Development has many approaches, methods, tools, techniques and guidelines that meet the requirements of ...

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Web Standards and How it Works

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a language that web standards are defined and managed use by the W3C (World Wide Web Consurtium). HTML created and developed by Tim Berners-Lee. Furthermore, the language is popularized by the Mosaic browser. During the 90s have appeared various versions of HTML with a wide range of features. HTML version available include: 1) Version 1.0 ...

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Understanding Web Addresses

The World Wide Web is a large collection of electronic files stored in millions of computers worldwide. Uniform Resource Locators or URLs are the addresses used to locate the file. The information contained in a URL gives the ability to move from one web page to another with just a click. When typing the URL into a browser or click ...

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Network Operating System Installation Mode Text

Installing a text mode network operating system is an installation mode that more use the keyboard to operate. Debian and Ubuntu Server is one example of a network operating system that processes intalasinya use this text mode. As mentioned at the previous meeting that there are minimum requirements that must be met before installation. Ensure that all necessary requirements have ...

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Implementation and Testing Web Form

A development activities to realize the design into a web site. The technology used depends on the needs that have been formulated in the analysis stage. In this development phase, includes:  Authoring, is the term used for the process of preparing content for later uploaded on the Web, or more specifically, marking content with HTML tags that describe the ...

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