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Rotary Potentiometer Application

Example 1. Suppose that when the wipers are above the output (figure 2.4) the resulting 10V is at an angle of 350 °, while the middle wiper produces 5 V output at an angle of 175 °. So what is the voltage generated when the wiper shows an angle of 82 ° Answer: The resulting voltage at an angle of ...

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Installing OpenSSH Server

1. Application OpenSSH Server on Debian Wheezy placed on the DVD 1, so for these installations need to include his image file. In VirtualBox click Menu Devices> CD / DVD Devices> Choose a virtual CD / DVD file …> look for Debian DVD image file first. 2. Open a root terminal via menu Accessories> Root Terminal. apt-get install openssh-server Figure ...

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Linux Operating System Services

Service on the Linux operating system known as daemons. This service was developed to allow a process running in the background without the need for direct interaction with the user. Most daemons are run by the system when the system is active (startup). Examples of Linux applications that fall into the category of this service is the Apache HTTP Server, ...

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Basic Using The Camera

Here is the basic procedure for using the camera. 1) How to record images ● Turn on the camera ● Adjust the viewfinder ● Insert storage media (cassette tape, a memory card, CD, DVD, hard drive, etc.) ● Reset the time code / time code ● Each take new pictures, record color bars for 10 seconds, if any. ● Set ...

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Tools Image Recorder (Camcorder)

Cameraman require a certain amount of standard equipment to be able to record good pictures, among them. ● The camera (camcorder) for recording images and sound, for example: professional cameras, camcorders. ● Tripod, avoid shaking the camera. ● Camera light to increase the light, in low light conditions. ● microphone to record sound when taking pictures. Capturing Images With Handycam ...

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Use of Nano Applications

Nano is a text editor application that can be run through the terminal and has a text-based interface. This is a text editor that is widely used by network administrators, especially when accessing the server remotely, for example via the terminal SSH server. Creating a new file – Open the Terminal application and run the following command to create a ...

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