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Sistem Unity Desktop Environment

Desktop environment (DE) dalam aplikasinya berfungsi sebagai sistem yang akan memproses interaksi user secara grafis dengan masukkan baik melalui keyboard ataupun mouse. Selain bertugas mengendalikan interaksi-interaksi dengan user, DE juga memiliki banyak fitur lainnya yang terbagi-bagi ke dalam komponen-komponen tersendiri. Berikut ini merupakan daftar beberapa komponen DE yang dimiliki: – Window manager, aplikasi DE yang bertugas untuk mengelola interaksi terhadap ...

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Analysis Server Software Requirements

Needs in relation to the development of server computers is a condition or capability that is expected to exist on the server computer and desired by the user. Computer servers in this case is a device installed inside the network operating system, which is purpose-built to serve a variety of data communication from the user (client). Generally the client computer ...

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Debian to Virtual Computer Settings

Image File Inclusion Debian to Virtual Computer 1. Still in the VirtualBox application, right-click on the virtual computer debian just created and select Settings …. 2. In the window that appears select the Storage tab and click emtpy tree under Controller: IDE. 3. Click the button to search for image files that were downloaded Debian. 4. Finally click the OK ...

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Microcontroller Interface With Seven-Segment

Seven-segment usually contains the LEDs are arranged in a figure eight pattern. 1:26 Picture shows the configuration of antarmnuka 7-segment common cathode (CC) with mikrokontroler.IC CD4511 is IC decoder BCD to 7-segment. Microcontroller provide equivalent BCD code with the digit 7-segment will ditampikkan through to IC 4511. Seven-Segment Display can also be connected directly without using a decoder BCD to ...

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Partitioning System and Data

When this has many applications that can be used to process and the file system partition on the hard drive. Partition changes made after the installation to allow the occurrence of data loss. Therefore, it is necessary to have good planning related to the determination of the structure and the file system will be used. There are many partitions can ...

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Memory Map

Each data information is stored in memory on a set of memory locations. The size of the data in each memory address specified by the data bus width. The arrangement is called a memory location map memory (memory space). Figure 9 : Map of Memory An understanding of the memory map is necessary, to plan the place of storage of ...

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