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Admin GUI

The client computer is a computer that acts as the access various services on the network. The services provided by a computer or other resource that acts as a server in the network. So, in general, clients are users of the service, while the server is a service provider. The service here could be, internet access services, access files or ...

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Characteristics Presentation Video

Sharing information to others is a human need as social beings, especially after entering the information age. One form of information sharing is to communicate an idea or concept. In development, communicate ideas and concepts have the purposes of marketing the product. Even the implied goals more often hide behind the goal. Among the initiators and (slightly) compiler concept is ...

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Microcontroller AT89S51

AT89S51 has low power consumption, 8-bit CMOS microcontroller with 4K bytes of Flash memory ISP (In System Programmable / can be programmed in the system). In the images shown physical shape and configuration of a microcontroller pin AT89Sxx series. Figure 13 Microcontroller DESCRIPTION PIN: Supply Voltage VCC on pin 40 GND Ground on pin 20 Port0 on pin 32 to ...

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Web Page Layout

The layout of the site is the layout of the page elements web.Layout site good site would make a good web web page as well. With good web page design and right will make visitors feel comfortable with the appearance (layout) of the web page, and still be able to focus on the content (content). Web page design does not ...

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Format Display Video and Animation Web

To view a video on a web page can be handled directly by HTML5. The tags are used to display the video is the <video> </ video>. However, not all video formats can be displayed on the web. Meanwhile, just a few video formats can be processed, among them is WebM, OGG, MP4. Here’s a list to kompabilitasan of each ...

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HTML Basics

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used to transfer data between a web server to a web browser. This protocol transfer web documents written or formatted HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). It is said because the HTML markup language serves to ‘beautify’ plain text file to be displayed on the web browser program this is done by adding the element ...

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