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Hipobarik Storage Products

Hipobarik safe methods of storage CAS emphasized the reduction in air pressure and is usually combined with a low temperature. Influence of low O2 concentration, among others, could cause respiration rate and substrate oxidation decreases and the resulting CO2 down; pending cuts; overhaul of chlorophyll delayed; C2H4 production is low; the rate of formation of reduced ascorbic acid; the degradation ...

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Storage and Care Packaging Materials

Packaging materials must be stored in a storage space that is clean and maintained the temperature and humidity of the air. Humidity and temperature will affect the growth of microbes. Mushrooms usually grow well on the packaging of damp cardboard. Similarly, the small insects. Packaging materials that have been damaged should be removed from the storage space because it will ...

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Transport of Agriculture and Fisheries

The transport process can be performed with a variety of both traditional and modern vehicles. Transportation by traditional transportation such as by using a cart pulled by a horse or a cow or a human tanaga. Some traditional transportation is still used to transport the material to date include carts, rickshaws and carts. Figure 43. Various conveyance traditionally agricultural produce ...

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Key Sanitation Requirements

In application of sanitary eight Key Sanitation Requirements according to the National Seafood HACCP Alliance for Training and Education (NSHATE) (1999) grouping principles to be applied in SPO sanitation to 8 Key Sanitation Sanitation requirements, namely: 1. The key to water security Water is an important component in the food industry, such as part of the composition; washing products; making ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Disinfectants

The effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection checked by conducting microbiological monitoring of the food products and food contact surfaces. Microbiological monitoring of the product at each stage of production will also provide information about the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection procedures. When sampling for microbiological monitoring equipment and surfaces in contact with food, required a neutralizing agent to remove residual ...

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Prevention of Cross Contamination

Factors that affect the process of cross-contamination is a) Construction, Design and Lay Out Factory Construction, building design, and lay out the plant can cause cross contamination of fishery products. Building the fishing industry will affect the placement of facilities and infrastructure used. Facilities for the reception of products should always be clean, free of gravel or other materials that ...

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