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Hypobar Storage or Low Pressure Storage

Pressure or Low hipobar storage conditions Storage (LPS) showed good results for some products at an absolute pressure as it has been studied and reported olehDilley (1977). Hipobar good storage conditions for apple 10 kPa, sweet cherner 7 kPa, green tomatoes sudahmatang 10 kPa, asparagus 3-5 kPa and edible mushroom 2 kPa (1 atm = 101 kPa). Spalding (1977) reported ...

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Mechanical Modified Atmosphere Container

Storage in this way using a container / container composition of the air (nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide, and oxygen) are arranged so that can increase the shelf life of agricultural commodities. The way it works is gas unused / exaggeration in the container is reduced. Containers can be filled with gas N2, O2, and CO2 as needed. Replacement of gas ...

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Stacking Principles of Agricultural Products

Accumulate and transport materials agricultural and fishery products at a glance is a simple job very easy to do. However, if the process of stacking and transporting done arbitrarily, could result in material damage, as contohtumpukan collapsed thus destroying the other ingredients. Additionally, the stack is not good cause greater use of the place. Objectives, principles and techniques buildup are ...

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Stacking Pattern and Strength

Loading products into containers must be such that the products are not in direct contact with the walls and floor of the transport vehicle. This is done to reduce the occurrence of perpidahan heat from the outside environment. The use of cardboard box pallet guard is not in direct contact with the floor, while setting the load by putting them ...

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Transporting Materials Agricultural Products

Transport of agricultural produce have been done a long time ago using simple tools by human power or assistance animals / livestock. Transportation equipment has now been developed in line with the needs of the community in an effort to meet their needs, despite tradisionalpun equipment is still in use. Transportation of goods in a relatively large amount must consider ...

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The Concentration of O2 and CO2 Storage

Oxygen in the air can not be completely removed from the atmosphere, due to the presence of oxygen is necessary to keep the course of normal metabolism. Below 1-3% oxygen, many commodities were damaged. Similarly, the concentration of CO2, the tolerance limit commodity to these gases vary. Some commodities are not resistant to high CO2 concentrations. Some commodities hold at ...

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