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Principles and Objectives Cleaning Materials

Cleaning is a process that can be said to be simple but able to deliver impact and benefits are enormous. Perbersihan aims to remove dirt or unwanted material that is attached to or carried on agricultural and fishery products after the material is harvested. Hygiene agricultural commodities and fishery greatly affect the quality, especially the appearance of the material. Besides ...

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Fruit Physiology

Physiology of fruits is very important to know for the purpose of handling and processing. Physiology fruit with regard to the following aspects: growth and respiration processes such as maturation, kelayuan (senescence), klimaterik, and the role of ethylene in fruit ripening process. a. The process of growth and respiration Stages of fruit growth process generally include cell division, cell maturation ...

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Vitamins and Minerals

In general, vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals to our diet, since most vegetables are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A and C. Vegetables contain lots of vitamin A of carrots for example, while vegetables that contain lots of vitamin C, for example tomato. Other types of vitamins contained in vegetables is vitamin B1 (thiamin), and minerals ...

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Nutritional Content of Vegetables

Vegetables are a group of food commodities in general is very much consumed by people, either as raw vegetables (vegetables) or by way of cooked first. Eating vegetables contribute especially vitamins A and C, and fiber that is very important for the body. Vegetables are classified as horticultural crops. Harvesting vegetables in general are relatively short (less than one year) ...

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Content Of Fruits

a. chlorophyll In general, most of the fruits, the disappearance of the color green is a sign of maturity. During the chlorophyll content in fruit ripening slowly declining. The loss of the green color of the fruit, perhaps due to the oxidation of the double bond or saturation of the chlorophyll molecule. b. Carotenoids and Flavonoids The synthesis of carotenoids ...

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Understanding Carbohydrates (Starch)

Carbohydrates by plants kept in the fruit for the supply of energy which is then used to carry out the activity of the rest of his life, so that in the process of maturation of the content of carbohydrates (starches) and sugar are always changing. Changes starch in fruits can be divided into: a. Fruits with high starch content Changes ...

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