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Making the Fish Filet

Fillet is part fish meat obtained by slicing a whole fish along the spine start from the back of the head to near the tail. Spine and ribs that limit the body to the abdominal cavity is not cut off during slicing. Raw material  Tilapia / Catfish / Fish Snapper  Plastic PP size of ½ kg  Sterofoam ...

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Grouping Food Commodities

Grouping can also be narrowed to a smaller group of commodities, such as fruit trees may still be classified again based climate in which it grows. Based on a growing climate, fruits can be classified into two groups: a. Fruits hot or tropical climates b. Temperate climate fruits or sub-tropical Fruits hot climates or tropical namely fruits that grow in ...

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Saving Materials Agricultural Products

Packaging is an integral part in the activities of the handling and processing of agricultural products. Since the ingredients are in place harvesting up to consumers requires packaging activities. Material sold is generally packaged either in whole or in part in accordance with needs. According to the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 44 ...

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Commodities Type Spices and Herbs

Then you would also know different types of spices that can be observed in Figure 5. You can certainly mention the types of spices. Yes there are known as cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, black pepper and white pepper, coriander, kencur and so forth. Spices are increasingly enrich the agricultural commodity in Indonesia. In the colonial period, the spice is one compelling ...

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Methods of Cleaning Materials

Selection of cleaning method depends on the purpose, type and characteristics of the materials were washed and the type and characteristics of the dirt to be separated. For example if you want to separate the dirt from rice husks can be done by winnowing and if it will remove dirt on fruits can be done washing. a. Sorting Separating dirt ...

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Commodities Agriculture and Fisheries

Indonesia, our beloved country, well-known as an agricultural country and has a very wide expanse of water, both freshwater and marine waters. Various natural wealth of agricultural and fisheries commodities are very abundant. The gift of the Almighty Allah is our obligation to always be grateful for the favors and most importantly, we must be able to maintain and handle ...

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