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The Concentration of O2 and CO2 Storage

Oxygen in the air can not be completely removed from the atmosphere, due to the presence of oxygen is necessary to keep the course of normal metabolism. Below 1-3% oxygen, many commodities were damaged. Similarly, the concentration of CO2, the tolerance limit commodity to these gases vary. Some commodities are not resistant to high CO2 concentrations. Some commodities hold at ...

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Stacking Hand

Baskets to load the crops put in refrigerated trucks by using the pattern arrangement turned row so there is more room between for air circulation. (Ashby, BH et al. 1987 in Kitinoja 2002). Yields were transported in cardboard boxes should be stacked and arranged with a particular technique so that it can provide for adequate air circulation throughout the cargo. ...

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Transport of Agriculture and Fisheries

The transport process can be performed with a variety of both traditional and modern vehicles. Transportation by traditional transportation such as by using a cart pulled by a horse or a cow or a human tanaga. Some traditional transportation is still used to transport the material to date include carts, rickshaws and carts. Figure 43. Various conveyance traditionally agricultural produce ...

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Hipobarik Storage Products

Hipobarik safe methods of storage CAS emphasized the reduction in air pressure and is usually combined with a low temperature. Influence of low O2 concentration, among others, could cause respiration rate and substrate oxidation decreases and the resulting CO2 down; pending cuts; overhaul of chlorophyll delayed; C2H4 production is low; the rate of formation of reduced ascorbic acid; the degradation ...

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Strengthening Waybill

Between the last pile and the back of the transport vehicle must be empty space. Therefore, the charge should be strengthened / fastened to prevent a shift in the rear of the vehicle during the removal process. If the load shifts, it can block air circulation and paperboard falling can be dangerous for workers to open the door in the ...

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Prevention of Cross Contamination

Factors that affect the process of cross-contamination is a) Construction, Design and Lay Out Factory Construction, building design, and lay out the plant can cause cross contamination of fishery products. Building the fishing industry will affect the placement of facilities and infrastructure used. Facilities for the reception of products should always be clean, free of gravel or other materials that ...

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