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Durability and Wood Preservation

(a) Durability Natural Wood Durability is defined as the durability of wood against wood destroying factors of biological groups. Natural durability is determined by extractive substances that are toxic to destructive factors before, so that by itself this natural durability will vary in accordance with variations in the number and type of extractive substances. This causes the natural durability varies ...

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Construction Frame Tables and Carcass

This construction is used in several articles such as tables, reinforcing rod pull, bench, chair, base and base cabinets. Various combinations of the necessary connections in the structure usually applied to the pole, threshold, or stretcher / pull rod, usually diposisiskan in three directions. 1. Construction Framework Foot Down 2. Construction Leg Side Kerngka 3. Construction feet Front frame Coffee ...

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Furnace Fuel Gas

The practice of using a combustion furnace with gas fuel is felt relatlf Iebih cheap and easy compared to other furnaces. By using the gas furnace combustion neutral conditions, oxidation or reduction can be easily achieved, by setting the gas, primary air duct and damper. Figure 40. Furnace gas. Some things to consider in implementing the practice of burning the ...

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Making Calculations Kitchen Set

After knowing the factors that determine whether an expensive kitchen set, we would like to order through the kitchen furniture shop or showroom, must know how to calculate the price. The goal is to adjust our budget. Stores kitchen set mostly using the unit meter “meter run” to calculate the price. Price “per meter run” refers to the standard size. ...

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Types and Strength of Wood

a) Power Level Wood diprasaratkan power level is seen from strength persisted, flexural strength, and its density b) Level of Use There are five kinds of wood consumption levels: Level I and II: for the purposes of heavy constructions, unprotected and exposed to moist soil that is included in the first level are: teak, merban, bangkirai, purchase, resak, etc. Level ...

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Construction Furniture

Since people started using the residence, there is a tendency everybody wants the furniture as complementary, even tried mendisainnya own. From history it is known that the rapid development of furniture design includes hundreds of styles and a variety of models. Encyclopedia of Furniture (USA) is one good source of many revealing description / detailed description of the design of ...

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