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Coating Materials Finir

Finir coating material or a thin wooden sheets from 0.24 mm to 6.00 mm, which was obtained from the incision (stripping) of certain types of wood mountain. Finir usually used to coat kayukayu massive. There are several types of finir commonly used are: finir teak, white finir, finir sungkai and finir mahogany. In addition finir type of wood used to ...

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Understanding Plywood

Plywood is a composite product made from sheets of veneer are glued together with an array of intersecting perpendicular. Plywood included in one class of structural panel, in which direction is the use of plywood for structural panels. Plywood or so-called plywood (plywood to plywood with 3 layers, and multiplex to plywood with 5 layers or more), according to the ...

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Techniques Making Finir

In this way the efficiency of the processing time can reach nearly 40% and gained wider finir 20-30% compared to the process of slicing veneer. Slicing process can be done by timber moves back and forth and knife slice silent or otherwise. An incision can be made on the vertical and horizontal direction. The type most commonly used incision is ...

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Gluing Process and Compression Plywood

Gluing process usually often give results that are inadequate or failure is generally caused by finir conditions (moisture content and porosity) and the adhesive itself, in addition to the gluing process. Kagagalan are: o BGJ = Bleeding Joint Glue, the adhesion failure caused by excess adhesive in the gluing process, so that the adhesive becomes overflowing. This is because given ...

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Finir Manufacture Wood

Finir is a sheet of thin boards to make plywood, and how to make it there are four kinds: a) How stripping Stripping will produce finir way to make ordinary plywood or plywood general use (general plywood). In this way the shape of the wood raw material is a log without bark. Finir produced quite long and can be produced ...

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The Properties of General Wood

Wood of various species of trees have different properties. The different properties with regard to: the anatomical properties of wood, wood physical properties, mechanical properties and chemical properties of wood. Of the difference in the nature of the timber, there are some properties umumyang present in all types of wood. General properties of wood are:  All the trees have ...

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