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Finishing Materials Environmental Friendly

Camphor finishing materials are environmentally friendly finishing materials that do not contain the toxin, which when applied, besides the function of protection and decoration, also contain hygenis function. Eco-friendly finishing materials camphor same as other finishing materials, ie after application will dry and form a layer of hard, flat and solid colored or transparent (clear). Results of a drying coating ...

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Know Your Ingredients Melamine

1. Melamine and Nitro cellulose System Finishing the final stages of processing are very important and decisive. Selection of finishing materials proper and balanced with the right way it will produce quality work and a high added value. The purpose of finishing is to achieve the goal of improving the quality of the unique and value-added goods // production. Cellulose ...

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Preparation Techniques Polish

a. Preparation Shellac Polish Polish usually prepared by mixing shellac and methylated spirits in a ratio of 1 kg shellac: 4.5 liter ms. For the purposes of which little can be mixed between 125 grams – 225 grams: 1 liter of spirits. Mixing 1: 45 is quite thick which is usually done on the job at hand. Mixing should be ...

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Development Ceramic Goods

Developments burning ceramic items indicate a change in the method of combustion, ie from the campfire into a furnace models. Furnace models aim to further facilitate the control of fire. The hot air will rise, and this became the main principle of the development of the furnace at the time. Discovery updraft furnace (fire rises) can be known from several ...

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Understanding Furnace

Furnace or kiln is a place / room made of refractory bricks that can be heated with fuel or electricity and used to burn the ceramic objects. Function furnace is to burn bendabenda ceramics arranged therein and burned using a special fuel (wood, coal, oil, gas, or electricity) until all the heat spread and burn all that is in the ...

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Use Of Fibre Glass

Fibre glass is the final stopping invention, consists of two parts which, when mixed material will harden on sat short, because the chemical process does not recognize depreciation fiber glass. Fibre glass is suitable for repairs on the hole wide enough angle side corners or molding. Low skill required to form and align it with the surrounding damaged. Also violence ...

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