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Development Ceramic Goods

Developments burning ceramic items indicate a change in the method of combustion, ie from the campfire into a furnace models. Furnace models aim to further facilitate the control of fire. The hot air will rise, and this became the main principle of the development of the furnace at the time. Discovery updraft furnace (fire rises) can be known from several ...

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Ceramic Combustion In Modern

Highly advanced ceramics industry accompanied by the development of blast furnace technology. Factories of ceramic tableware and other products utilizing continuous furnaces for producing ceramic products in bulk and massive. For large industrial furnace gas and electricity partly be an option. Industry wants everything related to the production of cheap and efficient. For small-scale industry, gas furnace with a volume ...

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Cone Temperature Tool

Cone or in Indonesian known as temperature stake is one of combustion temperature gauges are relatively accurate. Cone made from a mixture of ceramic material with a composition as the glaze. The material is formed as a tall pyramid with three sides and is designed to soften and bend at a certain temperature. Each stake has a certain number (numbers ...

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Finishing Materials Environmental Friendly

Camphor finishing materials are environmentally friendly finishing materials that do not contain the toxin, which when applied, besides the function of protection and decoration, also contain hygenis function. Eco-friendly finishing materials camphor same as other finishing materials, ie after application will dry and form a layer of hard, flat and solid colored or transparent (clear). Results of a drying coating ...

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Builder Materials Thinner

Cellulose nitrate was first discovered by some chemists in the early 19th century, namely Braconnet of France (1833), Schönbein of Switzerland (1845), and Parkes of Britain (1855). At first, Parkeslah which produces cellulose nitrate and commercialize them as topical material. At the initial stage, the development of materials engineering quality was very slow due to the limitations of the solvent ...

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Timber Materials Stoping

a) Equipment and materials of traditional stoping (1) material – material needed:  – Candle / wax (as binder): 1 part  – Singkut or putty flour (filler): 1 part  – Lacquers / gondorukem (as hardener): to taste  – Dyes (wide – range of colors of ocher powder) to taste or according to the desired color. (2) Equipment ...

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