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Violence Examination Wood

Tools and materials required: – Press machine – Iron hemispherical steel in the hollow area of ​​1 cm2 (Ø 1.13 cm) – Ruler measuring – Wooden size of 5 x 5 x 15 cm Investigation Method: – Prepare a test piece with a size of 5 x 5 x 15 cm – Put the specimen on a machine press – ...

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Types of Artificial Wood

Artificial wood growing along with the increasing technological advances of industrial wood and wood materials make more targeted and useful in accordance with the uses of wood in general and human life in particular. Artificial wood in this case a wooden board consisting of plywood (plywood) and particle board as well as a mix of other materials such as paper, ...

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Understanding Visual and Disability On Wood

Referred Visual is an outside view in which the defects of wood visible on the wood and all kinds of wood defects is a. Wood Healthy Eyes Is a former branch or twig surrounded by wood plants or other parts of the tree. b. Eyes Wood Rot Wooden eye is generated by branches or twigs dead c. Arch Is a ...

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Some Types of Artificial Board

a. MDF Artificial MDF boards as well as tegofilm also made of paper. These boards are also typically used for furniture materials, salon box and so on. Ukurannyapun vary. There are 2 types of quality MDF AA and Sumalindo. Its size is 3.0 MM 4 x 8 AA, 3.0 MM 4 x 8 Sumalindo, 4.0 MM 4 x 8 Sumalindo, ...

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Types of Wood For Furniture

(a) Teak Teak or Latin called Tectona grandis, is a type of wood that is included in durable class I-II, and the strong class II. Teak wood has a particular color pattern on brown wood porch rather young to old greenish. Color pattern of teak wood has a very beautiful decorative value and attractive, causing much in demand by manufacturers ...

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The Type and Properties of Wood

Types of wood a) How to classify the types of wood Forest research institutes results (LPHH) in Bogor has been carrying out studies on the wood in Indonesia for the purposes of construction, timber for herbs assessed according to its power usage level is specified timber. b) Power Level Indonesia rarely tested in tensile strength of wood. To determine the ...

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