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Physical Examination and Mechanical Wood

a) Examination of wood bending strength Tools and materials required: o machine press / pull with equipment o Dial manometer o ruler measuring / roller meter o Wood with a size of 5 x 5 x 76 cm Inspection Method o Prepare equipment of the flexural strength at press machine o Put the timber on a machine with a distance ...

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Moisture and Depreciation Wood

(1) Moisture Wood Wood contains water, the amount of water content varies greatly can achieve scrolled to 200% in fresh condition. Wood moisture content obtained from the ratio of the amount of water (by weight) than the weight of the air dry wood kiln dry wood, expressed in per cent (%) can be expressed by the formula: Moisture MC BB ...

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Some Types of Artificial Board

a. MDF Artificial MDF boards as well as tegofilm also made of paper. These boards are also typically used for furniture materials, salon box and so on. Ukurannyapun vary. There are 2 types of quality MDF AA and Sumalindo. Its size is 3.0 MM 4 x 8 AA, 3.0 MM 4 x 8 Sumalindo, 4.0 MM 4 x 8 Sumalindo, ...

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Types of Artificial Wood

Artificial wood growing along with the increasing technological advances of industrial wood and wood materials make more targeted and useful in accordance with the uses of wood in general and human life in particular. Artificial wood in this case a wooden board consisting of plywood (plywood) and particle board as well as a mix of other materials such as paper, ...

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Terms Quality Wood For Building Materials

Wood is meant here is the wood used as building material. The wood used as building material is wood obtained by mengkonsversikan shaped timber logs into beams, boards or other forms appropriate to their intended use. Wood as a building material can be divided into three (3) categories namely usage:  Timber Structural Buildings Timber is to be used in ...

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Violence Examination Wood

Tools and materials required: – Press machine – Iron hemispherical steel in the hollow area of ​​1 cm2 (Ø 1.13 cm) – Ruler measuring – Wooden size of 5 x 5 x 15 cm Investigation Method: – Prepare a test piece with a size of 5 x 5 x 15 cm – Put the specimen on a machine press – ...

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