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Understanding Glass

The glass is translucent and clear substance which occurs when the soil granules in the form of quartz and flint crushed or sandstone are melted together with chemicals. Glass containing silica (sand), potassium, calcium, and some parts of other chemicals. All parts of this material is melted and cooled at a certain temperature to make the hard but slippery. Glass ...

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Foam Materials and Textile For Support

A. Foam (a) Definition of Foam Foam is a small plastic bubbles which, when roasted or dried to be shaped into the foam according to the type and size specified. This foam is great for insulating materials of wood, plastic and fabric. Foam properties: 1. Soft 2. Lightly 3. Can absorb water quickly 4. Refractory 5. Do not be bypassed ...

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Nails As A Tool

(1) Definition of Nails Nails (nail) is a material made of iron, steel, aluminum, and wire forms slinder and pointy toes and headed a little wide. In addition to iron nails and steel nails are also made of brass, galvanized metal and plated nails. Paku is one of the support material in the industrial production of wood whose function is ...

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Usefulness Glue / Adhesives

(1) Definition  – Adhesives are materials to combine two objects on the surface of each.  – Adhesives / glue is a material that can glue the two pieces of material that it is difficult to be released back in. (2) The type of adhesive 1. The adhesive dries in the air. 2. The adhesive melted when in use ...

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Equipment Refinishing

a. Points Camphor Camphor stored in the container / container metal will quickly darkens due to corrosion, it is advisable to store it in bottles or containers made of glass / plastic. Humidity Effects on camphor. Humidity will affect vanish because spiritus (temperature cold enough) will draw moisture from the air that is large enough so that the polish become ...

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Definitions and Type Sandpaper

(1) Definition of Sandpaper Sandpaper is one of the tools used for leveling and smoothing a workpiece such as wood, steel, walls and others. (2) Specifications Sandpaper Specifications vary widely sandpaper seen from the shape, function, size, and material. As for the kinds of sandpaper are as follows: (A) Sandpaper Paper Emery paper usually for leveling and smoothing a product ...

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