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Types of Artificial Wood

Artificial wood growing along with the increasing technological advances of industrial wood and wood materials make more targeted and useful in accordance with the uses of wood in general and human life in particular. Artificial wood in this case a wooden board consisting of plywood (plywood) and particle board as well as a mix of other materials such as paper, gift, mica and so forth. As for some of the advantages obtained by using artificial wood are:
 Conserve the use of wood
 The price of efficient
 Flower shrinkage in the longitudinal direction and widened considerably smaller so is a material which has better dimensional stability.
 Have greater resistance to cleavage and cracking.
 Allow the use of sheets of larger board.
 The lightness of plywood so as to facilitate treatment of plywood in the manufacture of certain goods.
 Allow gets effect wider decorative value.
 Ability to hold nails and screws better.

Among the artificial timber as described below in i
(a) Solid Wood
Has the advantage of more robust and resistant to normal weather or weather changes are not extreme. However, if the furniture made of solid wood or made entirely of wood, such as chairs, desks, etc., make sure the material is made up of good quality wood, such as teak, sungkai, Nyatoh, etc. Consumers usually can see the type of wood used in a piece of furniture that has been painted / finishing in a manner that does not look the part exposed to the paint, usually on the bottom of the table, a chair, or ditapak legs of tables, chairs, or in rack cabinets, or in other places.

If your furniture is made of solid wood, make sure the type of paint or finishing is melamine or PU (poly urethane), so that the fiber, grain and texture of the wood remains visible. Thus, the impression ethnic style, classic and luxurious stay awake. But, usually worth about 3-4 times the price of furniture made from other materials.

(b) Plywood
Plywood (plywood) is an artificial boards of a certain size are made of several layers finir which is odd number, fitted with the direction of fibers that cross each other at right angles, then glued together at high pressure by using a special adhesive. The most common and frequently used is the so-called three-tier or three-ply plywood. Plywood is more than three layers finir known as multiplex or multiply, such as: layer 5 (5 ply), layer 7 (7 ply), layer 9 (9 ply).

Wood made finir are of the types of soft wood, light, robust and class awetnya class II-IV. Type of wood used, among others: meranti, keruing merawan, lime, kempas, Mangir, resin. As for finirnya using this type of teak, sonokling, varnish, mahogany, maple and so on. The use of plywood include:
 household furnishings
 Musical instruments (guitar, drums, etc.)
 craft items
 Materials furniture products

(c) Tegofilm (MDF Film)
Artificial board for tegofilm, generally made of a mixture of paper. The size-also vary greatly. Tegofilm used for tables, cabinets, buffets (olympic). The measure is 4.0 MM 4 x 8, 9.0 MM 4 x 8, 4 x 8 MM 12.0, 15.0 MM 4 x 8 and 4 x 8 MM 18.0.

(d) Blockboard
Blockboard is made with wood glue lat, coat the opposing side and a second side surface with a sheet finir. Wood lath width is not greater than 25 mm. Blockbord has two types namely melamine coating and ordinary. Artificial board is commonly used in the construction of doors, wall panels, skating room and floor coatings. The type and size of block board are: 1). blockborad regular, 15.0 MM 4 x 8 AK, 15.0 MM 4 x 8 UTL, 18.0 MM 4 x 8 AK, 18.0 MM 4 x 8 UTL, (description AK: Falcata; UTL: hardwood., 2). blockboard melamine, 15.0 MM 4 x 8, 4 x 8 MM 15.0, 18.0 MM 4 x 8 AK, 18.0 MM 4 x 8.

(e) Particles
Particle board is a board made from the wood chips with the aid of synthetic adhesives then pressed so has the nature of wood massif, refractory and insulating materials as well as a good acoustic material. Particle board has several properties, among others:
 Depreciation is considered nothing
 high durability against fungi, because of the preservative
 It is a good heat insulation
 As good acoustic material
Particle board can be used for beberbagai purposes, among others: for the furniture, the walls in the room, between the walls, ceilings and floors, and so on.