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Size Drainage Ditch

If the drainage system used is the lateral trench, then the calculation of distance and depth should be considered. For collectors, trench spacing is determined by the size of the land or the maximum length of the drainage pipe. On flat land with a singular system of drainage pipes, trench spacing is usually between 200-500 m. Water level in the ...

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Tape Measure Tool

a) Physical measuring tape The physical form of the measuring tape in the form of a ribbon that has the scale (unit of measurement). The units of measurement used is cm with the smallest unit of measurement in millimeters. Measuring tape can be either tape or ribbon around the diameter (phi band). b) Basic Work Measuring tape wrapped around a ...

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Type Fire and Materials Fire

According to the classification types of fires there are 3 kinds, namely: Class A, Class B, and Class C. 1) Fire Class A Type of fire class A fires are caused by wood, cloth and paper. For memadamkam fire class A then there are some substances extinguisher suitable for use include: a) Air b) Soda acid (soda acid) c) gas ...

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Ease Tree Diameter Measurement

Ash’ari et al. (2012) has explained that in the beginning for easy measurement of the diameter or circumference of the rod adapted to overhung arms rather modestly ahead is done with the hope did not leave feeling tired during the measurement of the diameter or circumference of the stem takes place. But the facts on the ground prove that the ...

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High Trees by Position

a) The position of the eye is located between the base and the top of the stem, but the direction is not parallel to the viewfinder flat / directions viewfinder decreased (Figure 29). From the images could be obtained high trees formula, namely: T = (t1 + t2) T = (Sn x tangent α) + (Sn x tangent β) T ...

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Pertolongan Pertama Kecelakaan Luka Bakar


1) Luka bakar dapat diakibatkan antara lain oleh:  Terbakar api  Tersiram air panas  Tersengat arus listrik  Kejemur panas matahari 2) Berdasarkan tingkat kerusakan jaringan tubuh korbannya akibat kebakaran tersebut, luka bakar terdiri atas:  Luka Bakar tingkat satu, Mengenai lapisan kulit luar, kulit kelihatan merah, membengkak dan nyeri  Luka Bakar tingkat dua, Mengenai seluruh epitelium ...

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