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Vector Data Definition

The main advantage of vector data format is the accuracy in representing point features, limitations and straight lines. This is very useful for analysis that requires precision positioning, for example on the boundaries of the cadastral database. Examples of other use is to define the spatial relationship of some features. Vector data is relatively more economical in terms of file ...

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Definition Drilling Operations

Drilling operation involves a huge cost or capital intensive, using high technology and high risk. The personnel who work on drilling operations should have a good knowledge also about safety. So that drilling operations can run smoothly, and accidents can be avoided. The contents of these subjects was prioritized to provide basic knowledge drilling technique involves understanding prior to drilling ...

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Creating Map

The last process of mapping is to create a map, either in print or digital form. To create a layout map go through the process after going through the process of setting symbology and label. 1) The first step in doing layout is enabled toolbar layout. 2) Add the data to be used in map 3) Set the layer composition, ...

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Horizontal Directional Drilling

Below are some examples of reasons for directional or horizontal drilling (and Horizontal Directional Drilling). a. Inaccesible Location Drilling Some of the reservoir with the conditions on the surface that does not allow to do the drilling straight / vertical will be very suitable for being directional or horizontal drilling (and Horizontal Directional Drilling). This technique is one of the ...

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Supporting Structure Lift Systems

Supporting structure serves to support the drilling equipment and also provide adequate space for drilling operations. Supporting structure consists of a drilling tower (derrick or mast), substructure and rig floor. a. Drilling tower or so-called drilling tower is divided into three types, namely: Figure 4.3. Army Drill tower – Conventional / standard derrick, the tower can not be established in ...

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Preparation Water Drilling

Water is the material used to make drilling mud, cement slurry making and personal necessities that need to be surveyed hari.Untuk first water source is on site or nearby locations. The water source can be from rivers, lakes, and marshes. If the supply of surface water resources are not sufficient it is necessary to drill groundwater, and if it is ...

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