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Plot Primary, Secondary and Tertiary

a. The primary plot The primary plot consists of several secondary plot, which take water directly from the primary channel. The primary plot served by the primary channels that take water directly from the water source, usually a river. Certain irrigation projects have two primary channels. It produces two primary plot. The area along the primary channels often can not ...

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Surface Irrigation System Components

Components of a technical irrigation network can be distinguished by its function. To determine the components of an irrigation network can be viewed on a map overview. Overview map is a depiction of how various kinds of parts of an irrigation network are interconnected. The overview map can be viewed on a map layout. The map shows an overview of ...

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Topographic Data Analysis Irrigation System

Data topography is an important data which is crucial for sustainability fungsian surface irrigation network. Measurement and topographic mapping is an activity that must be done early in the planning of surface irrigation systems. Mapping can be based on measurements in the field in full, so that the resulting topographic maps were equipped with contour lines. For irrigation systems covering ...

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Irrigation Water System

The way the provision of irrigation water are included in the administration of water through the surface, can be distinguished as follows: 1. Irrigation System wild flooding (wild flooding) is a surface irrigation system where water digenangkan on a large area, so that the surface soil becomes waterlogged high enough, so the cropping area will be quite perfect in pembasahannya. ...

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Definition of Surface Irrigation Systems

Irrigation water surface is the mode of administration of the oldest and most commonly used. How the water in this way is often called the flooding irrigation, because in this way the irrigation water given in a particular location, is allowed to flow freely on the surface of the land, and then the water will fill the root zone of ...

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Main Building Irrigation Water

The main building of the irrigation system can be defined as a complex of buildings that are planned along the river or stream to divert water into a network of channels that can be used for irrigation purposes. The main building can reduce excessive sediment load, and measure the amount of incoming water. The main building consists of a weir ...

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