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Irrigation Component

a. Standard Nomenclature The names given to irrigation channels and waster, buildings and irrigation areas should be clear and logical. Given name should be short and does not have a double interpretation (ambiguous). The names should be chosen and made such that if it is made of new buildings we do not need to change all the existing name. b. ...

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Development Function Siphon Waterways

Siphon is building to bring water to pass under another channel, usually the discharge channel or path. At Sipon water flow due to the pressure. Sipon hydraulic planning must consider the flow velocity, flow rate loss at the turn of entry, lost due to friction, the loss in the elbow Sipon and lost at the turn out. Sipon minimum diameter ...

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Understanding Raster Data

Excellent raster data to represent the boundaries are changed gradually, such as soil type, soil moisture, vegetation, soil temperature and so on. The main limitation of raster data is the large size of the file; the higher the resolution of its grid-the larger the file size and is highly dependent on the available hardware capacity. Each data format has advantages ...

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Building Estimator and Regulatory Irrigation

Water flow measured upstream primary channel, in the branch network channels in the primary and secondary and tertiary tap buildings. Building measure can be divided into building measure on the free flow (free overflow) and building measure downward flow (underflow). Some of the buildings gauges can also be used to regulate water flow. Building measure that can be used are ...

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Functions and Benefits Culverts

Building culverts are used to carry the flow of water both for irrigation or discharge which passes down the road. Goronggorong has a smaller cross section than the wet area upstream and downstream channels. Most of the cross section may be above the water level. In this case the culvert serves as an open channel with free flow. Figure 15. ...

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Parameter Irrigation Pumps

a. atmospheric pressure Atmospheric pressure is the air pressure at any point on the Earth’s atmosphere. The air pressure in each layer mempersentasikan total mass of the airspace above those levels. Reduced air pressure at different altitudes. Although the air seems lighter, if it has a large column of air at the Earth’s surface would produce a pressure of about ...

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