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Magnitude At Work Surveying and Mapping

Ancient people to create a map using the unit of measure “one day trip” starting orderly sun until sunset. For small areas they use footsteps. Obviously the size is less rigorous in view of the terrain in its path is not the same. Similarly for footsteps, each one a different stride length. At the end of the eighteenth century, by ...

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Mengukur Peta Situasi Dengan Kompas Cara Polar


1. Petunjuk a. Laksanakan pekerjaan sesuai dengan langkah kerja. b. Putarlah kompas| searah dengan jarum jam. c. Buatlah laporan hasil pengukuran. 2. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan a. Kompas. b. Statief (tripod). c. Pita ukur. d. Yalon-dan patok. e. Buku catatan. 3. Keselamatan Kerja a. Pada saat pengukuran, jauhkan/hindarkan benda logam di sekitar kompas. b. Pakailah pakaian kerja, topi, dan sepatu lapangan. ...

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Destination Land Surveying and Mapping

In general, the purpose of Surveying and Mapping is applying how: 1. Determine the position any different form on the surface of the earth. 2. Determine the location of the height (elevation) everything is different above or below a field that is based on the average sea level – price / Mean Sea Level (MSL). 3. Determine the shape or ...

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Map Measurement Land

One uses land surveying is to create a map. Map is a drawing of the earth’s surface, as seen vertically from above on a flat plane. Pictures in the map include or contain everything that is visible on the surface of the earth and contain everything needed for the manufacture of the map. In drawing the earth’s surface, called the ...

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Character Tool Automatic Flat Type

Its construction has been equipped with a pendulum (compensator) automatically, so that although the crosshairs has not made perpendicular to the axis of unity by the manufacturer, but when the bubble was the middle of the box, automatically all the conditions have been met. In addition, construction is usually watertight. Figure 45 Tool Sipat Automatic Flat Type Parts Instrument Type ...

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Creating Straight Line Between Two Points in Field

1. Instructions a. Look carefully at the location where we will practice. b. Note carefully the work sheet and measures work. c. Yalon target should be at two positions / sides (right and kin). d. Plugging yalon must be upright (not always perpendicular to the ground). e. Installation yalon-yalon must exactly match the points that have been determined. f. Creating ...

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