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Overcome Noise Pollution

According to Prof. Sudiro due to noise does not mean we have to stop all progress, although it poses a risk to add new noise which may be more worrisome. “Each of the side effects as a result of technological advances, must be confronted with new technological advances”. There are four basic ways to address the noise raised, namely spatial ...

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History of Occupational Health and Safety

Since mankind works ranging from antiquity to meet the needs of everyday life, many of those who have suffered injury, injury, illness and so on. Such experiences have caused them to seek ways and means in order to prevent or reduce the occurrence of accidents at work. Approximately 1700 BC Babylonian kingdom has a king Hammurabi who pay great attention ...

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Tree Diameter Measurement

Measuring the diameter of trees in Indonesia using the metric system in which the measurement is carried out on a tree with a height of 1.30 m above ground level (dat). 1.30 m height limits for measuring the diameter dat is acceptable in Indonesia given the numbers 1.30m dat for most Indonesian people provide comfort in measuring the diameter, the ...

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Maintenance Building Floor Coverings

1) Floor plastering Maintenance steps are performed: a) The floor is cleaned of trash and dust with brooms, then mopped with a mop and clean water. b) The floors were stained, plastic brush cleaned with detergent and water and then dried. 2) Floor tiles terrazzo Maintenance steps are performed: a) The floor is cleaned of trash and dust with brooms, ...

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Air and Noise Pollution

The development and progress of the industry resulting in increased pollution of the environment. The pollution due to the disposal of the remains of the plant during or after the process of industrial progress. The effluent can be in the form of gas, water, solid, heat, radiation, sound and others. At the beginning of the development of the industry has ...

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Dangers of Electric Shock

Electric current can always flowed in all directions through the conductive objects, such as metal and liquids. But electricity can not we see if only a polar alone, unlike the flowing water. Because the electrical current through it can not be directly seen by our eyes, without the aid of other objects, then it is very dangerous, and can be ...

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