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System Operation Twist Drilling

The main function of the rotary system (rotating system) is to provide puataran the drill pipe circuit and also objected to the chisel in the drilled formation. Round sourced from round the rotary table (if using Kelly) or from the top drive motor rotation. The amount of the desired rotation is usually called Rotation Per Minutes (RPM). The magnitude of ...

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Planting Pattern Plan Preparation

The cropping pattern is a description of the plan of planting various types of plants to be cultivated in an irrigated field in one year. Factors affecting cropping patterns, among others, (1) Availability of water in one year, (2) infrastructure available in those lands, (3) Type of local soil, (4) general condition of the area, eg puddle, (5) habits and ...

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Maintenance of Irrigation

According to the PP 20 of 2006 on Irrigation in article 1, Pemeliha-raan Irrigation is an effort to maintain and secure the irrigation network in order to always function properly in order to facilitate the implementation of the operation and mempertaharikan sustainability. Inigasi network can be easily damaged due to rains / water, sting rays and solar heat indirectly, animals ...

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Delineation Drilling and Exploitation

Type of drilling is intended to determine the spread of the reservoir, looking for boundaries, as well as the thickness of the reservoir. In this existing drilling well data from the data drilling in exploration drilling so that the cost of drilling and well construction can already be considered relative. Figure 3.3. Delineation drilling To determine the boundaries of a ...

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Circulation Drilling Equipment

Circulation equipment is a major component in the circulation system. This equipment serves the mud from the mud pit to a series of drill pipe and up into the annulus to bring powders to drill into the surface toward solid control equipment, before returning to the mud pits to be re-circulated. This equipment consists of a mud pit, mud pump, ...

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Bottom Hole Assembly

Bottom Hole Assembly is a drilling equipment which includes special equipment, drilling yangdipakaipada certain operating conditions – Bit Subs is a device connecting between the chisel drill with a tool thereon, dapatlangsungdenganDrill Collar, Near Bit Stabilizer, Down Hole Motor, orienting Sub and others. The size and type of thread adapted to a chisel in one hand and adjusted the equipment ...

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