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Topographic Data Analysis Irrigation System

Data topography is an important data which is crucial for sustainability fungsian surface irrigation network. Measurement and topographic mapping is an activity that must be done early in the planning of surface irrigation systems. Mapping can be based on measurements in the field in full, so that the resulting topographic maps were equipped with contour lines. For irrigation systems covering ...

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Komponen Saluran Irigasi


a. Standar Tata Nama Nama-nama yang diberikan untuk saluran-saluran irigasi dan pembuang, bangunan-bangunan dan daerah irigasi harus jelas dan logis. Nama yang diberikan harus pendek dan tidak mempunyai tafsiran ganda (ambigu). Nama-nama harus dipilih dan dibuat sedemikian sehingga jika dibuat bangunan baru kita tidak perlu mengubah semua nama yang sudah ada. b. Daerah Irigasi Daerah irigasi dapat diberi nama sesuai ...

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Definition of Surface Irrigation Systems

Irrigation water surface is the mode of administration of the oldest and most commonly used. How the water in this way is often called the flooding irrigation, because in this way the irrigation water given in a particular location, is allowed to flow freely on the surface of the land, and then the water will fill the root zone of ...

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Analisa Parameter Hidrologi Sistem Irigasi

Sebelum suatu jaringan sistem irigasi permukaan dirancang, maka parameter-parameter yang menjadi bahan pertimbangan dalam merancang sistem irigasi permukaan ditentukan. Adapun parameter tersebut adalah data tentang kondisi daerah yang akan dibangun sistem irigasinya dan lingkungan sekitarnya. Data-data tersebut harus diselidiki secara akurat sesuai dengan kondisi lapangan. Adapun data yang dibutuhkan dalam merencakan sistem irgasi adalah sebagai berikut, yaitu data (1) hidrologi, ...

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Irrigation Water System

The way the provision of irrigation water are included in the administration of water through the surface, can be distinguished as follows: 1. Irrigation System wild flooding (wild flooding) is a surface irrigation system where water digenangkan on a large area, so that the surface soil becomes waterlogged high enough, so the cropping area will be quite perfect in pembasahannya. ...

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Measure Map Situation With Compass

1. Instructions a. Carry out work in accordance with the work step. b. Rotate compass | clockwise. c. Make reports the measurement results. 2. Equipment and Supplies a. Compass. b. Statief (tripod). c. Measuring tape. d. Yalon-and stakes. e. Notebook. 3. Safety a. At the time of measurement, minimize / avoid metal objects around the compass. b. Wear work clothes, ...

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