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The Position of Market Segmentation

When market segmentation has been done and the market target has been decided then the next step is to determine the position of that market position of the product in the minds of kansumen. In marketing terms that are commonly used positioning. Many positioning definition given by marketing experts with versions and their respective models.

Hermawan Kertajaya, in his book Winning the competition with a triangle brand positioning-diferensiasi- written that Al Ries and Trout Jach, two people who are considered the inventor of positioning said positioning is not what you do to a product.

Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect. That is, you position the product in the mind of the prospect. From the statement that its core market position / positioning is to place our product brand and Philip Kotler minds of consumers, said positioning is a marketing teacher The act of designing The Company’s offering and image to your occupy a distinctive place in the targeted customers, benefits and prices. This means that the positioning is every effort to design our products and brands in order to occupy a unique position in the minds of customers.

The end result of positioning is the creation of an appropriate value proposition, which is a reason for customers to buy. In other words that positioning is the act of designing products and marketing mix in order to create a particular impression on the memory or the consumer’s mind.

The caricature drawing illustrates that in addition to the consumer minds crammed with information about products and services offered, they would not be able to recall in detail the specifications of the product when the need arises products.

Consumers simply given product based on the position of the product and they think they hear. Thus to move the product towards a certain position in the minds of consumers the necessary tools and Advertising positioning Brand positioning is as follows:

  1. Deer say that positioning is a family car, then surely he is building confidence to every customer that Deer is truly a family car. For every mob il was born Deer should always refer to the family car, with a loose seat, and comfortable
  1. Lifebuoy soap said as health, it means that he is building confidence to every customer that soap is really for health. To build that trust Lifebuoy will remain faithful to its stated position
  2. Tempo Magazine stated readable and need, then it means he is building confidence to every customer that Tempo magazine is worth reading because the news is always current by using language that is not too easy to read because it uses a formal language
  3. Green Sampoerno positioned itself as cigarettes lower class communities. For it to communicate its product model used is a group of people mostly, with shades of mutual cooperation and togetherness that is a picture of the general population
The examples mentioned above are positioning a product item. Basically positioning activities also apply to products in the form of services. Consider some of the following positioning;
  1. Malaysia is truly Asia. In this case Malaysia travelers minds want to build an impression that all that is in Asia, located in Malaysia, with a view to coming to Malaysia will get whatever is in Asia. This positioning should certainly disosialikan and correctly understood by all levels of society to be implemented consistently. In this way it is in the minds of consumers will actually admit that Malaysia is truly Asia.
  2. Thailand, tourism haven of the far east. In Thailand it is more focused on positioning tourism by stating that Thailand is the heaven of tourism in the Far East.
  3. The safest way to travel by taxi, which is expressed by Blue bird. As with the Blue bird taxi is the real position in the minds of consumers that guarantees a safe taxi is by choosing Blue bird. To achieve this position in the minds of consumers, the entire citizen Blue bird both management and operations must be consistent with his promise.
The picture above is an effort to win the trust and credibility of the customer. Thus it should be understood that the positioning is basically a promise made to the company pelangannya. This promise must be kept.

Prusahaan ability to fulfill its promise is very important that this part of the strategy of the company. Therefore, determining the precise positioning is crucial and requires preparation length. Placement of products on the market is not just a promise and a slogan.