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Inductors and Inductance

The inductor is a passive circuit elements which can save energy. Inductors shape of a coil made of conductor material (copper) wrapped around a magnetic ferrous materials. For example winding transformers, motor windings and other tools similar. An inductor or reactor is a passive electronic components (mostly shaped torus) that can store energy in the magnetic field generated by an ...

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Parallel Circuit Characteristics

Calculations must be performed by a technician / mechanic associated with parallel rangkaiann highly unlikely. But no matter how well the properties of parallel circuits should be understood by the technicians / mechanics field. The current drawn by each branch is determined by the parallel circuit of resistance that exist in the branch circuit. The total current drawn by the ...

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Kirchoff’s Law Power

To complete the calculation of electrical circuits or meshes, a natural scientist from Germany named Gustav Kirchoff has found two ways then this way becomes law known as “Kirchoff’s Law”. Kirchoff’s Law I of Flow Kirchoff’s Law I for series or grid reads: “The algebraic sum of electric current at a branching point is always equal to zero” In figure ...

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Calculating Electric Circuits Closed Loop

By applying the law of Kirchoff’s voltage loop equation we get the following: Note the polarity on each element in the loop, namely: – Negative when in accordance with the direction of the loop – Positive if the fight against the direction of the loop – U1 + I1.R1 + I1.R2 + I1.R3 + U2 = 0 or I1.R1 + ...

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Capacity Capacitors

When the capacitor is connected to a voltage source (eg a battery or other voltage source) capacitor will store the charge. The amount of capacity charge stored in a capacitor is called the capacity of the capacitor. The amount of the capacity of the capacitor is called capacitance. The capacity of the capacitor is much charge stored in the capacitor ...

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Variable Resistor (Potentiometer)

Construction base resistor can be set consists of a track made of a resistive material and a tracer (wiper) moveable such that it makes contact with the resistive path. The simplest construction as shown in Figure 1.12. This method of manufacture of this resistor can be grouped into three main groups, which are distinguished by a resistive material used: a. ...

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