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Clutch Machine Variable

A. Clutch Claw
This clutch moment with the continuing positive contact (not with intermediaries friction) can not slip up. Construction koplingini is that simple pqaling of no fixed coupling between the others. square claw clutch moment can continue in two direction of rotation, but can not be connected in a rotating state. Thus it can not fully function as a clutch tetapyang not true.

Instead clutch claw sepiral be connected in a state of spinning, but it is only good for one certain direction of rotation. however, the incidence Krena tubukan great if connecting in a state of spin, then how to connect this kind should only be done if the drive shaft rotation mmpunyai less than 50 (rpm)
Figure 3:39 Two kinds of couplings are not fixed

B. Clutch Plate
The clutch plate is a plate clutch that uses one or more of the pairs between the two shafts as well as establish contacts with forwarding porostersebut causing power through friction between neighbors. Construction clutch is quite simple and can be connected and removed in a rotating state. Plate clutch can be divided into single-plate clutch and clutch plate is a lot of that is based on the number of friction plates are used.

It can also be shared by the wet and dry clutch and on the basis of service (manual, hydraulic, pneumatic, and elektromagnitis). Firm A fixed mounted on the shaft to the left, and the body B is mounted on the shaft next to kananserta can slide axially on the shaft. Throughout pasakluncur. field swipe C in the body and pushed into the body until there forwarding rotation of the drive shaft on the left keporos who moved to the right. termination can be done by eliminating thrust until the friction will be lost.
Figure 3:40 classification clutch by way of working

C. Coupling Cone
Cone clutch is a friction clutch with a simple construction and has a small advantage which can be transmitted gayaaksial a big moment in the image below.
Figure 3:41 Clutch cone

Clutch kinds inidahulu widely used, but now tidaklagi, Karen power transmitted is not uniform. however, in a state in which the plate is not desired, and there is probably exposed to oil. Cone clutch is often more profitable. If the power is transmitted and the clutch shaft rotation is given, then the power plans and plans moment dihitungdenga using a correction factor.

D. Clutch Friwil
Friwil clutch is a clutch that can be off by itself when the drive shaft mulaiberputar slower or in the opposite direction of the shaft-driven. Balls or rollers mounted in the room whose shape is such that when the drive shaft (inner) rotates clockwise, then the friction timbulakan causes the rollers or bolaterjepit between the drive shaft and the outer ring, so that the outer ring along the shaft-driven will rotating power forward.

If the drive shaft rotates clockwise berlawananarah, or if the driven shaft rotates faster than the drive shaft, the balls or rollers will be separated from the clamp to occur forwarding moments again. This coupling is very little use in the mechanical automation.
Fig. Clutch 2:42 friwil