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Elements of Machine Coupling Fixed

Clutch is a machine element that serves to transmit power from the drive shaft (driving shaft) to a driven shaft (driven shaft), wherein the input rotation will be the same as the output rotation. Without the clutch, it is difficult to move the machine elements as well as possible. With the transfer of power coupling can be done in an orderly and efficient as possible. Some of the requirements to be met by a clutch is:
1. Able to withstand the overload.
2. Reduce the vibration of the drive shaft caused by the movement of other elements.
3. Being able to guarantee connection of two shafts or more.
4. Being able to prevent shock loads.

For planning a clutch we must pay attention to the following conditions:
1. Clutch should be easily installed and removed
2. The coupling must be able to transmit power completely from the shaft
3. The clutch should be simple and lightweight
4. The coupling must be able to reduce the error relation to the shaft

Fixed coupling element is a machine that serves as the successor rounds and power from the drive shaft to the driven shaft exactly (without slippage), where the axis of the shaft is located in a straight line or may be slightly different axis. Clutch remain always in the installed state, to separate it must be unloaded. Clutch remains divided into 4 types:

  • rigid coupling
    Rigid couplings are used when the second shaft axis line must be connected and used on a common shaft in the engine and transmission factories, this coupling consists of:
    1. Clutch bus
    2. rigid flange coupling
    3. The coupling flange forgings
    4. Clutch fluid
  • Clutch supple (flexible) allows for little ketidaklurusan pivot axis comprising:
    1. Clutch flexible flange
    2. Clutch rubber tires
    3. The clutch rubber star
    4. Clutch gear
    5. Clutch chain
    6. Clutch universal
  • Universal coupling is used when both shafts will be an angle which is quite large, consisting of:
    1. Clutch universal hook
    2. Clutch universal fixed speed
    Universal coupling is used when the drive shaft and the shaft is driven an angle which is quite large.
  • clutch Fluid
    Forward power carried by the fluid so that there is no relationship between the two shafts. The fluid coupling is suitable for transmitting high speed and great power. The advantage is that the vibration of the driving side and the collision of the load side are not mutually forwarded. Similarly, at the time of loading more, prime movers will not be affected by the moments that would exceed the limits.

Figure 3:38 Various Clutch