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Mechanical Components

Mechanical components or also known as the machine elements are part of a single component that is used in construction machinery, and each part has the function of typical usage. With the above understanding, the machine elements can be grouped as follows:
1. Element – Connection element
a. Connection shrinkage and press
b. Connection nail keeling
c. Connection screw thread
d. Connection bolts and pins
e. Welding connection
f. Soldering and brazing connection
g. Adhesive connection

2. bearings and transmission elements
a. Plain bearings
b. Rolling bearings
c. Shaft bearing and shaft transfer
d. Fixed coupling (coupling) and not fixed (clutch)
e. Brake
f. Spring
g. Lever
h. Belt and Chain
i. Gears

3. The elements for gas transmission and Liquid
a. Valve
b. Fittings

Planning machine element, essentially a planning part (component), which is planned and created to meet the needs of the mechanism of a machine. In the planning stages, the considerations that need to be considered in starting eleven planning engine includes:
1. Determine your needs
Determine the needs in this regard is the need for the parts that will be planned, according to its

2. The election mechanism
Based on the selected function the exact mechanism of the machine parts. For example, to move the movable shaft rotation keporos chosen gear umbrella.

3. Expenses mechanical
Based mechanism that has been determined, the mechanical loads that would occur should be calculated based on the data according to the needs, in order to get the types of load acting on the element.

4. Selection of material (material)
To get a piece of machinery in accordance with his powers, made the selection of materials with strength in accordance with conditions of load and voltage occurs. For example the planned force must be smaller than the strength of the material is determined by safety factors in accordance with needs.

5. Determine the size of
If there is a match the use of materials and mechanical load calculation can be sought measures planned machine elements with the existing standards in the standardization.

6. Modifications
Shape modification is required when machining parts that have been made previously planned.

7. Figure Work
After getting the appropriate size, the size of the working pengambaran obtained, both the image detail and image assemblynya.

8. Creation of quality control
By working drawings can be made machine parts required, specifying the requirements mutatis, tolerance and workmanship mark, is intended to get results with the desired mutatis manufacture. From mutatis predetermined determination can be used as a quality control guidelines required