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Source Dangers Of Working Equipment

A source of danger through working equipment has a relatively large species such as the division head / upper iron chisel, which when beaten continuously, eventually will be broken on the part of members of the ingredients. Another example is when using an iron hammer with handle is damaged, cracked or loose. It is when it is used to be able to cause injury to others or themselves working as the head of the chisel can be thrown towards the unknown.

A third example is shown in Figure 3.2. When using equipment that has been damaged, so most likely will be able to pose a danger to workers or others on the ground. Such stairs need repair or replacement to be safe for use.
Figure 4.2 Domestic Sources of danger on the buildings damaged and the environment

Work on the part of the building such as digging, whether for the purposes of building foundations or for the purpose of planting the waste pipe system especially when relatively deep excavation requires special attention and action to safeguard workers, or objects as well as the environment.
Figure 4.3 Land cracked / prone to landslides

An excavation of at least 1 meter or more likely to cause danger, especially if the rainy season. To overcome the security of the excavation there are several ways that can be done, among others, by installing a safety plaster quarrying.


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