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Center of Gravity

The weight of an object is a style that is affected by gravity in the direction vertical to the bottom, if the object has a different structure form and its density, the greater the force that occurs in different structures that have different styles anyway but its direction remains influenced by gravity that is the direction in style at the bottom are called gravity. For objects that have heterogeneous forms and different structures in addition to great style is different also lies the catch point each style of different components, but the location of the resultant force at the point of arrest at one point.

Capture the resultant gravity point that is called gravity. “It can be concluded that the center of gravity is the point of catching the resultant force”. Classically to determine the location of the center of gravity of an object can be done as follows:
o Prepare for hanging objects to the point, for example point A, B, C.
o Hang the object with a rope at point A and goreslah of vertical hanger point down, the line is the line of action resultant force R.
o Put on a body and hang the other positions (B) and scratch back from point B downward.
o Do the same for the third hanger position is at point C, then scratches scratches scratches the working line resultant force will meet at one point and the meeting point is the point of catching the resultant force called gravity.

See the following picture


Figure 4.2 Trial seek gravity

The intersection of the line of work is the resultant force of gravity, z point is the point of capture the resultant force or EAM see the following picture.


Figure 4.3 Determining the weight of the object point