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Understanding Viscometer

Viscometer is a great tool for measuring the viscosity of a liquid. There are several related components viscometer, among others: A. Ball Viscometer or Falling sphere viscometer. Kenematik large viscosity is as high as the speed of the ball falling h divided by the density of the liquid being measured. (See figure 1) Figure 1. Falling sphere viscometer Figure 2. ...

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Fluid Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic system Hydraulic comes from ‘Greek’, consisting of kata’hydro ‘which means water dan’aulos “which means the pipe. So that the hydraulic system can be interpreted as applying pipe with liquid. But at the present time most of the hydraulic system not only uses water but interplanted water mixture (water emulsion) or oil alone. Function / duty hydraulic fluids Function or ...

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Hydraulic Pump Installation

A. Clutch The clutch is a component connector that connects the prime movers (electric motor) with a hydraulic pump. This clutch to transfer torque from the motor to the hydraulic pump. Also the clutch is a cushion between the motor and pompa.yang will prevent buffeting / vibration for transferring power to the motors for pumps and pump pressures buffeting experience ...

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Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Pumps

On Hydraulic modules will discuss a variety of fixed displacement pumps. a. Pump gears (External Gear Pump) External gear pump consists of main parts:  – pump house  – A pair of outer gears mesh precision in the pump housing  – first mover (prime mover) which is coupled to the shaft axis gear driver. Of rotation of a ...

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Adjustable Key and Wrench

Adjustable Wrench is designed to be used to install the existing release with the size of the bolt or nut varies with the tool, used for general work. Not suitable for a particular job. Size can be adjusted according to the size of the bolt / nut up to its maximum limit. Adjustable Wrench has a 15-degree angle to the ...

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Understanding Maintenance and Repair

According to R. Lindley Higgis & R. Keith Mobley, perwatan / maintenance is an activity that is conducted repeatedly with the goal of keeping the equipment always has the same conditions with the original state. Maintenance or maintenance was also carried out to ensure that the equipment remains in a condition acceptable to the consumer. Effective maintenance will lead to ...

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