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Parse and Sum Style

Parse style aims to determine the direction and magnitude of the resultant force components that have a number of styles with the same capture point and different directions. A style that has a specific direction is described on the X axis and Y axis, if the force component has more than one style, then other styles can be described as ...

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Static Moment

If a cross-section has an area A cm 2 with the distance of the center of gravity Z to the axis line xx and measuring y and the axis of the axis yy size x the moment static to the axis xx and the axis xx is: Mx = Ay (cm 3), and a moment of static the axis yy ...

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Moments and Balance

a. Moment In many tool engineering tool that can be used to alleviate or help with the work, for example, open a nut or bolt, to unlock the nut or bolt that is the way play it and like where if the rotating nut or bolt is done with bare hands? Weight is not it! So easy to open a ...

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How to Use Key Pas and Ring

Here below is how to use the Open-ended spanner true:  bolts are still tight should not be loosened with a wrench. Wrench only to bolt loose. If forced, the wrench will be broken ends or the head of the bolt into the round.  The size of the head bolts, wrenches longar will lead angle bolt head is damaged, ...

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Usability and functionality Rele

For the purposes of the distribution of power to the load with a higher current, the manufacturer has improved the ability of current-carrying relay contacts to reach hundreds of amperes. Rele which has a large current-carrying capability of this, commonly known as a contactor. Figure 2.13 shows the construction of the contactor. Figure 2.13 Type Contactors Contactors designed specifically for ...

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Add Style By Way Painting

If there are two forces that have captured the same point a different direction with the direction of the force makes an angle α the resultant number can be calculated by the following equation: Figure 2.23 Two styles with different directions For α = 90 ° then Cos α = 0 or apply the formula of Pythagoras, namely: Description : ...

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