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Unit and Painting Style

The system generally accepted unit consists of: o System MKS unit, the unit has a style kgf o System British unit, the unit has a style lbf o SI unit system, has a style unit N (Newthon). Painting Style The style is abstract, can not be seen, by because they were to paint / describe a style there should be ...

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Tiled Sectional Moment of Inertia

If the cross-section of a field made up of a cross-sectional arranged symmetrically to the axis line, then the moment of inertia is a number or a reduction of the cross section composed penapang. For example, two squares forming a cross-hatched as shown in the picture, it is the moment of inertia Ix = Ix1 – Ix2. Stackable cross-section of ...

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Regular Sector Weight Point

The emphasis of a flat field beratuaran or can be seen in the following figure: 1. Cross-section ampat terms. For a rectangular cross-section has a length and width h mm b mm, where the emphasis is the intersection point of the diagonal or e = ½ h mm for the vertical cross section and size e = ½ b mm ...

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Hydraulic Valve Maintenance and Repair

Valve in general does not use packing, this is because the leak is small. However, because the fluid that flows in the hydraulic system is always followed by some dirt, fibers, rust, etc., then gradually these valve holes will be clogged, scratched or even leaked. If this happens, it will cause the fluid pressure to drop (drop). For that hydraulic ...

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First Aid Accident Injuries

a. Injury to the eye Cover both eyes with sterile gauze despite Only one eye was injured. If the wound caused by chemicals such as soda, strong acids, ammonia, wash eyes with clean water. Use your thumb forefinger to open the eyes wide open. b. Burns If the clothes of the person concerned is still on fire, stop the person ...

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Safety Shock Electric Current

Part of an electrical circuit when we touched two-voltage cables, cable phase and neutral wires or grounding wires (ground) simultaneously, as shown in Figure 1.3. Electric current flows from left hand to right hand through the heart of the victim. Figure 1.3 Running electric currents through the human body from hand to hand Earthing wire in the electrification system is ...

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