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Combination Lock Equipment and Sockets

Combination lock is actually an amalgamation of a wrench with a key ring. So the usefulness of the combination lock is a combination of the wrench’s lock ring on each end of the same size and are key complementary existing shortcomings in the wrench and a key ring. This key is very useful when setting the fastener (fastener) of the same size at different positions. The key to the type of head multifaceted 6 equal and sizes ranging from 6 mm to 32 mm.
Picture Combination spanner

Picture Combination spanner with rechet.

Weakness wrench and a key ring;
 Unable to reach the head bolts and nuts lying hidden.
 Used to bolt the moment or torque pengencangannya quite small.

Lock socket
The socket is a key lock cylinder shaped and are made from Chrome Vanadium alloy and plated with nickel. One end has a hexagon-shaped holder 4, and the other end hexagonal dimension that is used to remove or install the bolt head or nut with a torque greater firmness of the key ring and fitting.
Pictures Socket Wrench

Socket key characteristics:
Key socket can reach the bolt head or nut located juts into, difficult and hidden. For example bolts fastening the intake and exhaust manifolds. This can be done, because the key to lock the socket must use the rod connector (extension) and lever player (handle). Key moments or a socket has greater torque to the tightening or removal of bolts and nuts.