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First Aid Accident Injuries

a. Injury to the eye
Cover both eyes with sterile gauze despite Only one eye was injured. If the wound caused by chemicals such as soda, strong acids, ammonia, wash eyes with clean water. Use your thumb forefinger to open the eyes wide open.

b. Burns
If the clothes of the person concerned is still on fire, stop the person is running. Use a wet blanket to cover up or put out the fire still burning, or to overthrow the man’s body to the ground. Traces of burned clothing that is still attached to the body should not be eliminated. Skin that swell should not be disudat. Balutlah burns with a special bandage for burns (konsteril) and a loose dressing.

Prevent the use of flour, oil or ointment for burns. If very extensive burns dressings should not be used at all. Try to protect patients bakar`dari cold sores with blanket and keep the blanket does not get burned. If the patient experienced trauma (shock), lay the victim with the head lower and immediately sent to hospital. For minor burns, enter the affected part of the burn in cold water, or use cold compresses to reduce pain.

Do not break the blister. For severe burns or stage three, do not use water because it can cause infection. Handle severe burns like this should be by trained personnel, use only clean bandage to cover the wound, do not remove clothing worn by the victim unless you had been trained to do so. The best action is to immediately get help from paramedics personnel.

If only the feet and hands were exposed to burns, the wound should be elevated to a position higher than the heart lies.

Pictures 1:25 How Laying Victims

c. Burns due Chemicals
If the burns on the outside, then undressed the patient and immediately flush with plenty of clean water to dissolve the chemicals. If burns within, for example, the patient has swallowed hard acid, soon the patient was given a drink of water or tea and take it to the hospital immediately. In the state of bleeding inside the body (of the lung or stomach) lay patient and keep the patient calm.

Only a doctor can help or send it immediately to the hospital. If the wound in the body as a result of a heavy blow to the abdomen or head, usually the patient feels nausea and vomiting, patients should not be given to drink or eat. Send the patient immediately to the hospital to try to get people always live in a state of lying.