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Gear Type Hydraulic Pump Component

Hygiene is a key way of ensuring the life span, whether for a new unit or an improved unit. Cleaning of parts by using solvent and dried in the air is considered adequate, assuming that the liquid used is clean. Meanwhile, for equipment that requires precision, its internal mechanism must be free of chemicals and particulate contamination.

Beware when grasping components with vise to avoid damage to surface components. Some solvents are flammable. Try no fire source when using solvent. Be careful when working with pressurized hydraulic fluids. Pressurized hydraulic fluid leak can penetrate the skin and cause severe injury.

You can be injured because of pressurized hydraulic oil and hot oil. Pressurized hydraulic lubricants are sometimes still left in the hydraulic system long after the engine is turned off. You can be seriously injured if this pressure is not removed first when making improvements to the hydraulic system. Make sure you have removed all the hooks, and the oil temperature has cooled before you release any related components or cables. Remove the oil filler cover only if the machine has been turned off, and the cover of the filling hole is cool enough if held with bare hands.

a. Single section uni-directional gear pump
Figure 3.44 Components of single section uni-directional gear pump components

Figure 3.44 shows a uni-directional single section gear pump, which consists of the following components:

1. Retainer / Retaining 7. Housing / housing
2. Sealing strip 8. Flange
3. Back up ring 9. O-ring
4. Isolation plate 10. Support ring
5. Drive gear 11. Pressure plate

6. Idler gear

b. Single section bi-directional gear pump
Figure 3.45 Gear pump components of bi-directional single section

Figure 3.45 shows a single section bi-directional gear pump, which consists of the following components:

1. O-ring 5. Drive gear 9. Pressure plate
2. Flange 6. Isolation plate 10. O-ring
3. Idler gear 7. Support ring 11. Back up ring.
4. Housing / housing 8. Retainer / retainer

Single uni-directional single section gear pumps, but note that both types of pumps have an isolation plate on both sides and a pair of o-rings instead of sealing strips. This allows both sides of the pump to perform functions for low pressure (pressure) and high pressure (pressure) alternately.

c. Double section gear pump
Figure 3.46 Components of double section gear pump

Figure 3.46 shows a double section gear pump, which consists of the following components:

1. Flange 5. Rear idler 9. Coupling / clutch
2. Front Housing / housing front 6. Front idler 10. Stud.
3. Center bearing plate 7. Rear drive
4. Rear housing / rear housing 8. Front drive gear

In Figure 3.46, the O-ring (not shown in the figure) lies on the back of the flange.