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Impact Shock Electric Current

Here is an impact of electric shock as seen from the magnitude of electric current flowing in the human body. Electrical current of 1 miliamper create the sensation of someone, a current of 20 miliamper memungkinkanseseorang can not move, a current of 100 miliamper cause the ventricuar fibrillation (heart pounding), and the current is greater than or equal to 200 miliamper can cause the body to burn and respiratory paralysis ( loss of body fluids).

The risk of other hazards that can be caused by electric shock to humans is the body’s reaction when subjected to electric shock. For example, if one of maintenance personnel are working to use the stairs and suddenly accidental electric shock, it may fall off the ladder. When he was working with powered hand tools (power tools) and accidentally got electric shock, he was surprised and let go of the hand tool and may injure other personnel in the vicinity.

The technicians / mechanics must be aware of the earnest, that his reaction when he received an electric shock could endanger other personnel who are in the vicinity. Therefore they must continue to be vigilant and act with extra caution when working with power source.

Figure 1.13 Electrode screwdriver touching the electrical panel

Table 1.2 Effect of Strong Electric Current

The technicians must be well recognizes the dangers that can be caused by electric shock while he was working with a staircase made of materials that can conduct electricity with good, for example aluminum. If possible, avoid using aluminum ladder when working with electricity source. Magnitude strong current that can flow through the human body depends on the value of the resistance of the body and touch voltage that is experienced by the body. Strong current flowing into the body can be calculated with the following formula:


Where :
Strong electric current is measured in amperes,
Electrical voltage in volts, and
the human body resistance is measured in ohms (Ω).

In many cases, the amount of strong currents and the length of the body receives an electrical current into the criteria for setting the adverse effects of electric shock. Electric current flows by 10 miliamper few seconds may result in seizure threshold, and pain in the muscles. But a current of 100 miliamper flowing through the body for one second or longer, can lead to death if not quickly get help.