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Installing Hydraulic Tank

Note: Check all O-ring seals and components of wear or damage. Replace components if possible. Put a little lubrication on all O-ring seals with a lubricant suitable for sealing perfection when installed. Clean all components with cloth / tissue so that it is free from any contaminant.

1. If the cover assembly (11) has been removed, give the sealent (12) on the cover assembly first for the installation of the cover assembly later. Begin and end the sealent with overlap beside the hole (X) for the top bolt .
Figure 3.19 Steps 1 and 2

2. Install the bracket link (A) on the steering tank . Install the appropriate flat webbing sling (see how much bebannnya maximum capacity) on link bracket and lifting tool. For example using overhead cranes or other lifting equipment. Lift the steering tank to the position shown in Figure 3.19

3. Install six bolts (10) and washer .
Figure 3.20 Step 3

4. Install two bolts (9) and washer .

5. Install the hose assembly (6), hose assembly (7), and hose assembly (8) to the steering tank .
Figure 3.21 Steps 4 and 5

6. Install the O-ring seal (5), on the oil filter assembly (4).
Figure 3.22 Step 6

7. Place the oil filter assembly (4) on the steering tank. Install four locknut (2) and washer yag hold oil filter assembly in place.
Figure 3.23 Steps 7 and 8

8. Place the hydraulic filter assembly (3) on the steering tank. Install two bolts (1) and the washer holding the hydraulic filter assembly in place.

9. Fill the steering tank with the appropriate oil. The filling capacity of the steering tank is 40 liters (11 US gallons). Look at ” Operation Maintenance Manual ” to find out exact information about oil change on the steering system.
Ends with: Remove body retaining pin . Follow the instructions on Disassembly and Assembly, “Pin (body Retaining) -Remove and Install”.


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