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Magnetic Starter and Automatic

a. Magnetic Starter
Magnetic starter is a term that is imposed on the starting of the motor circuits directly using contactors and thermal overload. Figure 2.17 shows an example of a large-capacity magnetic starter for mengasut a 3-phase motors. Medium Figure 2.18 shows the electrical diagram of a magnetic starter control circuit.

Figure 2.17 Non-Reversing Starter Magnetic Control

Figure 2.18 Power circuit Magnetic Starter

b. Automatic switch
In order for the electrical load can operate as it should be controlled via the control device and the device pengaman.Piranti control and safety devices that are used commonly in the form of an automatic switch switches otomatik.Pada generally have two pairs of NO and NC contacts. Automatic switch which is used to control the load on refrigeration and ventilation equipment is thermostat, high pressure switch, low pressure switch, and timer switches. defrost thermal switches, overload protector, and timer switches.

Table 5.3. Symbols Various automatic switch